Patterson Big 12 Teleconference Transcript:

TCU is 2-0 heading into their second bye week of the season. Frogs' head coach Gary Patterson discussed preparation for SMU, his thoughts on quarterback Trevone Boykin and the offense among other things in this week's Big 12 Coaches Teleconference.

Is there any team discipline that you impose on Boykin for the two personal foul penalties?

“No, he was frustrated on the spike. It’s one of those things where you’ve got to have a lot more control on doing what you need to do. On the sideline thing, it was a good call by the officials and now he’s got to learn he can’t do that.”

Is that something you work on?

“There’s nothing really to work on. He’s just got to understand that he has to control his emotions a little bit more when you’re the quarterback. You can’t be that emotional; that’s one position you can’t be.”

What have you seen from teams in non-conference that will prepare you for some Big 12 teams? Are there any similarities you see with Minnesota with some teams you’ll face in the Big 12?

“Teams that use tight ends like Kansas State, Oklahoma. A lot of them (Big 12) run the read-option. As far as the run game a lot of teams have the option stuff which really helps us. With an off week it really gave us four weeks of working against tight end and power type teams that would do option stuff because we don’t get that against our own offense. Our own offense and SMU is a game that gets us ready for the Big 12 because of four wideouts and throwing vertical all over the field. Now we’ll have two weeks to improve our pass coverage against the teams we’re going to have to play.”

“Offensively we’re going to see a 50-scheme, a three-down linemen scheme, which is a scheme that will also get from Oklahoma and some other people in the conference. We’ll do a little bit of preparation for Oklahoma and Baylor here in our off week. Oklahoma will have an off-week before they play us so we’ve got to make sure we can match time and preparation.”

Can you characterize how comfortable Boykin is in the new offense the first two games?

“I think he’s real comfortable. I think he’s sometimes a little bit too excited to be honest with you. He needs to calm down and let the game go. As you get older the game is supposed to get slower and if you’re not careful you get too hyped to play in the ball game and you speed it back up and try to think of too many things. You just need to let the game come to you. Every game we play he’s going to get better and better. I thought Coach Meacham and Coach Cumbie did a really good job of preparing him; Minnesota did a bunch of things they had not shown before. He saw some things he didn’t know but I thought he handled himself well. I thought he stepped up in the pocket better than he ever had; he didn’t turn and run; he waited and if there wasn’t anyone open he took off. That’s what you want your quarterback to do.

“The only thing, if I had any coaching points for him it’s he’s got to learn how to get down. If he’s already got a first down that last three yards he’s got to slide and get out of everyone’s way. You look across the country quarterbacks got to stay healthy and that’s the one thing I would critique him on; he needs to start getting down. He doesn’t like doing that but for the well-being of our football team he needs to do that.”

After two games where would you characterize the offense and where you guys are at?

“You’ve only played Samford and a Big 10 team. It will be closer to knowing after we play SMU because they’ve always played us well and do a great job of scheming this kind of offense. To be honest, we’re worried about this ball game coming up and I think it will be a better measuring stick right now. We’ve still got to quit hurting ourselves with penalties and third downs we’ve got to be better at.”

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