Patterson Teleconference Transcript: 9/22

TCU is looking for their third win of the season Saturday as they travel to SMU in the Battle for the Iron Skillet.

Did your guys work their way back into your good graces for Thursday and Sunday’s practices? Particularly the cornerbacks?

“Yeah; one off wee was great and second off week wasn’t as good. It was a little like pulling teeth. You’ve got to get ready; Tuesday and Wednesday was hard plus it was very humid so we stayed outside to make sure we were prepared. Thursday we came back inside to get our legs back and we did the same thing about halfway through practice yesterday.”

“We’ve got to go score points and defensively we have to stop them. The biggest thing for us is to find a way to win and come home and then we go into our conference schedule.”

Do you think your guys got the message from you last week about staying focused?

“We’ll find out. It’s an awfully early ball game and we’re going to play on the road. We want to go win championships and be the kind of program that TCU has been and we’re trying to get back to be after last season. You’ve got to go play in these types of games.”

What is the biggest difference you’ve seen in Trevone Boykin compared to what you saw last year or even in the spring?

“The biggest thing is he hasn’t turned the ball over. He’s letting the offense work and he’s not trying to do everything himself. In the Minnesota game I talked about him just being patient. It’s okay to get fired up for a ball game but the thing he has to get accomplished is he can’t get so much that he can’t think. I thought maybe he did that early in the ball game. He has to get back to letting the offense take care of it and him running when they allow him to run. Outside of that, hand it off and get the ball to the guys that are open.”

It looks like SMU has broken some tendencies with the new coach; what are you expecting when you go over there, this isn’t the June Jones you typically have seen the last 7-8 years of this rivalry?

“Nothing has changed. When you break it down, nothing has changed. They run the same stuff; they run the same run plays they’ve run and they ran a little bit more. They have two big running backs and I think the offensive line played more physical last week. I expect their best ball game of the season this Saturday at 11 o’clock; that’s usually what we get from them. I was a close ball game for most of the game a year ago and I expect the same thing this week.”

We’ve seen SMU struggle on offense this season but what have you seen from them that could potentially give your defense some problems this Saturday?

“No. 7, the wide receiver has been a good player the whole time he’s been at their place. The young guys are real fast. I think the biggest thing they worry about it protection; they haven’t had as long to throw in their passing game as they’ve had in the past. I’m sure they’ll be a lot better at it this week; we’re preparing for a tight end to maybe help them with those protections and in the run game. They’ve done some more two backs. They’re SMU; they come after you and that’s the kind of offense they have and they feed off their defense. I give a lot of credit to Tom Mason and his group for keeping them to play hard last work to all the adversity they’ve had. As they go forward they’ll keep getting better at that and I think they’ll keep growing as a football team.”

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