5 Keys to Victory vs. SMU

TCU is off to a good start, but the schedule starts getting tougher next week. What do the Frogs need to do to avoid looking past SMU to their showdown with OU on October 4th? Here are our Five Keys to Victory vs. SMU.

5. Play with emotion and don't come out flat.

The Frogs need to start fast and get SMU in long down and distance situations often. The Mustangs have yet to prove that they can engineer sustained drives on offense, and TCU doesn't need to give them anything to build their confidence with. Starting fast and suffocating SMU early will set the tempo for the whole afternoon and establishing dominance on both sides of the ball will wear down the Mustang's will to fight.

4. Stand up to the Mustang's passing offense

Kevin White has been a stalwart defender at corner, but Ranthony Texada is still untested. Behind Texada are two unproven freshmen. SMU will provide the first test through the air against the young TCU secondary and they better be up to the challenge if TCU wants to be undefeated when they play the Sooners. The safeties will play a pivotal role in protecting the inexperienced Texada.

3. Continue to develop the offensive line.

The TCU o-line was much better against Minnesota and they'll look to continue their improvement this week. If Boykin wants to take the next step in his development, he'll need his big uglies to keep improving. With a full stable of running backs and a deep group of receivers, TCU has all the ingredients to be dominant. Now they just need to put it all together.

2. Sustain drives and put TD's on the board, not FG's

When Big 12 play rolls around, the Frogs will need to light up the scoreboard with touchdowns, not field goals. Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect and TCU will need to treat every drive against SMU just like they would any other drive against a Big 12 school. If they want to reach their full potential, consistency is the key and there's no better time to start producing than right now.

1. Boykin must establish himself as the unquestioned leader.

For many fans, Trevone Boykin has yet to establish himself as the main man. For others, it's a little more obvious that he's already secured that position. However, there's still room for improvement and games like this are important in the explosive junior's development. Boykin will need to take the reigns of the offense and lead the Frogs to a convincing victory.

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