Patterson Talks Baylor and the State of TCU

The TCU Horned Frogs are on a roll but they'll face another stiff test on Saturday. As the Horned Frogs get ready to head to Waco for their showdown with the Baylor Bears, brings you the latest from the team. TCU is #9, Baylor is #5, something has to give.

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson met with the media on Tuesday and just like we’ve come to expect, its business as usual for the winningest coach in TCU history. Patterson talked about just looking at the next game on the schedule and how the proverbial “one game at a time” approach will serve his team going forward. TCU looks great, but the worst thing that any team can do is to start believing all the hype, that’s when you get beat. Patterson knows this from experience, now it’s time to find out if his young Horned Frogs get the message.

Coach Patterson discusses his confidence in Trevone Boykin:

”I’m the one that’s always believed in Trevone. That’s why we signed him, that’s why we recruited him. He’s only played 4 ball games, and he’s about to go into his 5th ball game. As a redshirt freshman, he went to Baylor two years ago and threw for almost 300 yards and 4 TD’s and won a ball game. He’s very athletic.”

Patterson went on to discuss his assessment of Boykin’s performance in the upset win over #3 OU:

”He only threw the one interception on a screen, and it wasn’t like he threw some that were “Uh Oh, he shouldn’t have thrown that”, which I felt like he did that in the SMU game. I thought he took care of the ball and he ad-libbed with his legs a little bit more than what he should have. I think we need to make sure that in our run reads and all the stuff we do, that we’re a little bit more precise in how we execute all that, but outside of that, he beat the 3rd or 4th best team in the nation.”

Patterson discussing the fact that Boykin is the leading rusher for TCU:

”You know, most quarterbacks take a lot harder hits on sacks than they take on running with the football. Instead of getting blind sided, they take off and run. He just needs to understand when he runs that he needs to get down. That will come with time.”

Coach Patterson was looking for a receiver to step up and be the go to guy during the spring. He addressed the fact that multiple players have done so early on:

”I think with our group, this has to be by committee. And really what’s happened is, each guy has gotten his day because of the way they’ve played us on defense. I think one of the things that Coach Meacham wants is he wants to be able to distribute to a lot of people. We’ve had anywhere from nine to fifteen guys catch a ball. The defense usually dictates so when it’s your day, it’s your matchup against the guy you’re playing against, then you’ve got to make a play.”

Does Deante Gray remind Coach P of Jeremy Kerley? Not quite yet:

”You know he’s not, Deante is not quite as multi-dimensional as what Jeremy Kerley is. Deante is very fast but maybe not as much wiggle as what Jeremy Kerley has but every week he keeps getting better.”

Patterson talks Paul Dawson and what the outspoken linebacker has meant to the defense:

”(Paul Dawson was sick) middle of the 3rd quarter, probably start of the 4th quarter somewhere in there. He’s a beauty. I write that book, he’s a chapter. He’s my chapter, I tell you what. Really, what you’ve got to do, early on you thought you were going to have layman linebackers and really Marcus Mallett and Paul Dawson have been unbelievable through four ball games. I wasn’t real fired up about him wearing his Cincinnati hat in to do an interview. I wasn’t real fired up that he called out half the nation and we beat anybody now, that’s not a typical TCU (response). You probably won’t see Paul Dawson speaking any time soon for the TCU Horned Frogs (laughing). He already got his get out of jail free card but you know, it’s okay. He was excited, I understand the emotion through all of it but we don’t need any bulletin board material, we need to go ahead and go about our business.

Does Patterson mind being looked at as one of the 8 or 9 teams that are in the discussion for one of the four playoff spots?

”I keep it very realistic. I’m looking at it the same way as before I played(OU). Like I told you, I’m trying to get to 6 wins, once I get to 6 games and become bowl eligible then you start working up, but that’s why I love the pyramid(hanging in the meeting room) because when you come in and see the purple up, you see what you’ve accomplished and you see what you don’t accomplish. The road map becomes very simple and it keeps you very focused in. You can’t really look past that or bad things happen to you.”

Patterson talked about the crowd and the impact they had on the game:

”That game Saturday against Oklahoma was typical of how TCU used to play in Amon Carter stadium. When you came in here, you better get ready. I’ll be honest with you, I think the group that’s learned in the last 2 years is the crowd. I mean, the student section was unbelievable, it was loud. The whole stadium was loud, but it makes a big difference when you can raise a team off of the floor because of the energy. It’s taken us a couple of years for all of us to understand that we’re in the Big 12. It takes all of us to go win, it can’t just be the football team. It’s the administration, the boosters, it’s everybody, you have to have an energy when you come in.

With a trip to Baylor looming, it sounds like business as usual for the Frogs. TCU will find out very quickly if they have what it takes to run the gauntlet of the Big 12 and come out as a champion. The Bears hold the crown, TCU now needs to show that they’re on that level.

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