25 Thoughts vs. Baylor

The TCU Horned Frogs dropped a heart breaker in Waco on Saturday. The Bears stormed back from a 21 point 4th quarter deficit to pull off the 61-58 win. Here are my thoughts on the game.

25. TCU walked into a hornet’s nest this afternoon. Baylor was ready to play and the crowd was electric from the start. TCU stood up to the crowd and was very impressive on offense, considering it was such a hostile environment, but in the end, they couldn’t pull it out.

24. TCU held Baylor on the opening drive as the Bears went for it on 4th and 16 from the TCU 33. On the afternoon, Baylor went for it 6 times on 4th down, converting 4 times. Baylor’s willingness to go for it and their ability to convert, helped wear out the TCU defense.

23. TCU jumped out to a fast start like they did last week against Oklahoma. The Frogs took a 7-0 lead with 9:32 left in the 1st quarter when Trevone Boykin hit Kolby Listenbee on a perfect thrown fade route from 35 yards out. Deante Gray was also in the area, but it looked like he ran into Listenbee’s route, nearly causing Listenbee to drop the pass.

22. TCU extended their lead to 14-0 when Catalon scampered in from 3 yards out. Prior to that run, Boykin hit Listenbee on a beautiful 51 yard strike. Listenbee’s speed continues to be a weapon as he finished the day with 4 catches for 146 yards and a TD. On the season he now has 18 receptions for 418 yards (23.2 ypc) and 3 TD’s. When you run a 10.1 100 meters, there aren’t a lot of defenders that will be able to stop you.

21. Ranthony Texada had a tough afternoon. He was beaten deep multiple times, forcing Patterson to play Corry O’Meally for the first time this season. Unfortunately for TCU, he wasn’t able to slow down Baylor’s deep attack either. Even though the Frogs knew what was coming, they couldn’t do anything about it. Bryce Petty struck for 6 touchdown passes of 66, 29, 67, 47, 28 and 25 yards. He finished 28/55 for 510 yards, with 2 INT’s. You can’t put this one on the offense, they played well enough to win. The defense will have to pick themselves up and get ready for Oklahoma State. Even though the Cowboys won just 27-20 over Kansas today, Daxx Garman has to be licking his chops to get a shot at the TCU secondary. My guess is, this won’t happen to the Frogs in back to back games. Coach Patterson will make the needed adjustments and the defensive backs will certainly get better.

20. Sam Carter got beat deep for a 66 yard strike from Petty to Antwan Goodley to cut the lead to 14-7 with 2:03 left in the 1st quarter. On the play, Carter was blown up after the reception by a Baylor receiver flying across from the other side of the field. He was slow to get up but stayed in the game.

19. Baylor pulled to within 14-10 after Cannon got by Texada for a 47 yard gain and Chris Callahan finished off the drive with a 22 yard FG. Texada was in good position to make the play but never looked for the ball. That same mistake would bite him again later in the game for a TD. The score at the end of the 1st quarter was 14-10 and the shootout was on.

18. TCU put together a nice drive early in the 2nd quarter when Boykin hit Docston for 11 yards on a 3rd and 10 to keep the drive alive. Kyle Hicks had two runs for 9 yards and then on 3rd and 1, Catalon took the option pitch, fumbled it, but it bounced right back to him and he picked up the 1st down. TCU ended up going for it on 4th and 4 from the 35 and they picked it up when Boykin connected with Doctson for 26 yards, down to the 9 yard line. Catalon took it in on 1st and goal from the 9 and TCU had a 21-10 lead with 10:15 left in the 2nd quarter. The impressive TCU drive covered 90 yards in 15 plays.

17. Baylor answered right back when Petty connected with Corey Coleman for a 29 yard scoring strike with 7:07 left before halftime to make it 21-17 TCU. Again, Texada was the one beat on the play but his coverage wasn’t that bad. The young corner is going to have to learn to look for the ball and make a play on it. He had a game reminiscent of Jason Verrett’s dismal night against Baylor is 2011. We all know how that turned out, hopefully Texada can learn from tonight and get better.

16. Oberkrom looked to get back on track tonight as he hit all 3 of his FG’s (39, 20, 37) and all of his extra points. Hopefully his bad streak is in the rear view mirror and he can build off of this performance. His first FG put TCU up 24-17 with 2:44 before halftime.

15. Baylor took no time at all getting right back on the scoreboard. They tied it at 24-24 when K.D. Cannon got deep on Kevin White and fought off Nick Orr with a solid stiff arm as he raced for a 67 yard TD. Petty had too much time to throw all night and the defensive backs paid for it. One of the reasons Petty had so much time to throw looked to be that TCU’s defense was caught standing up at the snap numerous times. Because of that, they couldn’t fire off the ball at the snap and pressure the Baylor signal caller.

14. B.J. Catalon electrified the TCU faithful (about 5,000 fans) with a 94 yard kick return for a TD to answer right back. They play put TCU up 31-24 with 1:38 left in the 2nd quarter. On the evening, Catalon scored 3 TD’s and finished with 13 carries for 48 yards with 2 TD’s on the ground. He added 2 receptions for 71 yards and tacked on the kick return for his 3rd and final TD.

13. With TCU near midfield and just 8 seconds left on the clock, Ethan Perry was back to punt the ball. Looking to take the 7 point lead in to halftime, all the Frogs had to do was punt the ball away and take their lead to the half. Instead, James Power snapped the ball over Perry’s head, sending the punter scrambling to recover the ball. He did, but Baylor took over at the TCU 12 yard line. Callahan kicked a 29 yard FG and the Frogs took a 31-27 lead in to halftime. Much to Gary Patterson’s chagrin, the clock stopped with 1 second left after the bad snap, allowing Baylor to kick the FG. In his post-game presser, Patterson mentioned the play and from the sound of it, thought that the clock should have run out. I’ll have to watch it myself when I get home to see how close it was.

12. TCU drove all the way down to the Baylor 25 yard line on the opening drive of the 3rd quarter but they stalled when Josh Docston was called for an offensive pass interference. The penalty pushed them all the way back to midfield and killed their drive. Kevin White bailed them out however when he intercepted the ball, on Baylor’s 2nd play of the drive, and returned it to the Baylor 23 yard line. Boykin then hit David Porter on what looked to be a 23 yard TD to the back corner of the endzone. After review, it was overruled and TCU had to settle for a 20 yard FG and a 34-27 lead with 8:42 left in the 3rd quarter. That turn of events coupled with the bad snap and FG just before halftime by Baylor were the difference in the game. Without those two plays, TCU wins this game. But, as Coach Patterson always says, championship teams find a way to win these games.

11. Baylor would answer on their next drive with a 20 yard FG to make it 34-30 TCU with 5:23 to play in the 3rd quarter. On the drive, TCU gave up a first down on a 4th and 16 play. It was just further proof that the Frogs weren’t going to be able to stop the Baylor offense all night long.

10. Aaron Green busted a long 59 yard run down to the Baylor 2 yard line. On the play, Green started bobbling the ball as he was running and ended up fumbling it toward the end of the play. Thankfully for the Frogs, Josh Docston was hustling on the play and he recovered the inexplicable fumble. Trevorris Johnson would power it in from 2 yards out on the next play and TCU jumped out to a 41-30 lead with 3:53 left in the 3rd quarter.

9. TCU forced Baylor to go 3 and out when Corry O’Meally made a beautiful diving play to break up a 3rd down pass. Cameron Echols-Luper returned the ensuing punt to the TCU 28 and the Frogs were in business. Boykin hit Listenbee for a 51 yard bomb that set up Jaden Oberkrom’s 3rd FG of the night, this one from 37 yards out. The FG pushed the TCU lead to 44-30 with 2:15 left in the 3rd quarter.

8. Baylor came right back again, like they did all night, and scored just before the end of the 3rd quarter. Jay Lee got deep for a 47 yard TD strike from Petty with O’Meally in coverage. The TD pulled Baylor closer, making the score 44-37 with :35 left in the 3rd quarter.

7. Cameron Echols-Luper showed off his versatility and his arm strength when he launched a beautiful 59 yard pass to B.J. Catalon on a reverse pass. Echols-Luper dropped the pass in perfectly to Catalon as the play got TCU all the way down to the Baylor 9 yard line. At the end of the 3rd quarter, it was 44-37 TCU, and the Frogs were in business to start the 4th.

6. Aaron Green punched it in from 6 yards out to start the 4th quarter scoring off, pushing the TCU lead to 51-37 with 14:29 left in the game. Green made the most of his carries on the night as he finished with 67 yards on 3 carries and a TD.

5. Marcus Mallet had a huge series on the next Baylor possession. He sacked Bryce Petty, forcing a fumble, but Baylor recovered. On the next play, 3rd and 16, Petty scrambled for 15 yards to make it 4th and 1 from their 46. As Baylor coach Art Briles did all night, he rolled the dice and went for it on 4th and 1. It backfired as Marcus Mallet, in an almost identical play to Paul Dawson’s interception return for a TD vs. OU, jumped up and picked off the pass. He returned it 49 yards for the TCU TD, giving the Frogs a 58-37 lead with 11:38 to play in the game. Even some Baylor fans thought the game was over as it looked like 1,000-1,500 of them left early. A 21 point lead in the 4th quarter should have been enough but things started down a slippery slope when Sam Carter and Chris Hackett were both called for personal fouls following the Mallet TD. Caught up in the excitement, two of the defenses’ top leaders cost their team in a big way. The two personal fouls forced the Frogs to kick off from their own 10 yard line, giving Baylor great field position.

4. Baylor was able to answer right back due to great field position. Devin Chafin ran it in from 7 yards out to cut the lead to 58-44 with 10:39 left in the game, and you could feel the momentum begin to shift.

3. TCU was unable to do anything on the following possession and Baylor took over on their own 7 yard line. As unstable as the pass defense looked all night, I don’t think there was a single Horned Frog fan that was confident that TCU could stop Baylor’s offense, even with them starting form their own 7. The Baylor offense cut right through the exhausted TCU defense in route to a 5 play 92 yard drive in just 1:23. The score, a 28 yard TD pass from Petty to Goodley cut the lead to 58-51 with 6:39 left in the game.

2. TCU needed to do something offensively to keep the Baylor offense off the field but they were unable to do so. The Frogs went 3 and out at the worst possible time and Baylor took over at their own 9 yard line after a 58 yard punt from Ethan Perry. The Bears drove an incredible 91 yards in 5 plays, using just :59 seconds of the clock to tie the game 58-58 with 4:42 left in the game. TCU’s defense was clearly tired and after Baylor ran 109 plays, the arm tackling began and the Frogs were no longer getting leverage at the point of attack. Al of the credit has to go to Baylor in the 4th quarter as they consistently made play after play and wore the Frogs down.

1. TCU drove down and found themselves in a 4th and 4 from their own 45. Patterson rolled the dice and went for it but the pass to fade route to Docston fell incomplete and Baylor took over on downs. Baylor drove down and won the game on a 28 yard FG as time expired. The 61-58 final sets a record for the highest scoring game between two top 10 teams in college football history. Unfortunately for TCU, that doesn’t sound so good right now.

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