5 Keys to Victory vs. Texas Tech

The TCU Horned Frogs are looking to move to (6-1, 3-1) on the season. HornedFrogBlitz.com offers up our opinion on what it will take to get this done and beat Texas Tech on Saturday afternoon.

5. Jump out to an early lead

TCU has done a great job this year at grabbing early leads and momentum. If the Frogs want to continue their winning ways, they need to jump on Texas Tech early and crush any hope that the Raiders have right away. At (3-4), the Red Raiders are trying to dig themselves out of their slow start and a quick TCU lead could force them to press and ultimately, play right in to the hands of the TCU defense. If you look at the stats, TCU should be able to move the ball and put up points on the Red Raider defense. However, all of these things go out the window in a rivalry game so the Frogs need to go out and take the game from the very beginning.

4. Force Davis Webb in to mistakes

Davis Webb is one of the most explosive quarterbacks in the country at times. With 2,239 yards passing with 22 TD’s on the season, Webb can put pressure on any defense. The good news for TCU is that Webb isn’t always consistent with his decision making process. Although he’s thrown 22 touchdowns, he’s also thrown 12 interceptions. If the Frogs want to pull out the victory, they need to attack Webb early and often and force the Red Raider signal caller in to game changing mistakes.

3. Defend the deep route

The Baylor Bears attacked the TCU secondary with vertical routes all night long in Waco. The Frogs could have responded in two different ways against Oklahoma State, but they responded in the way champions respond. With the return to their suffocating style of defense, TCU completely smothered the Oklahoma State offense, keeping them out of the end zone all night. With another explosive offense coming in this week, the Frogs defense now knows what they have to do to move to (6-1, 3-1) on the season. Tech will attack deep, TCU just needs to do what they do; play their style of defense.

2. Control the line of scrimmage

The TCU offensive line has made major strides in 2014. After what many considered to be the weakest unit on the 2013 squad, the offensive line has answered the challenge of improving in a big way. With another year of maturity and another year in the strength in conditioning program, the Frogs’ offensive line has answered the bell and adopted a more physical approach. If TCU wants to stay in the playoff conversation, the offensive line needs to shut down the Tech defensive line. The Red Raiders are vulnerable up the middle and TCU will look to exploit what they’ve seen on film.

1. Build on last week’s momentum

The TCU Horned Frogs have everything in front of them. They are in the mix for the Big 12 title and they are proving that they can play at this level for 12 games a year. Texas Tech comes in with nothing to lose and everything to gain by upsetting their highly ranked rival. If one thing has become abundantly clear this year, it’s the fact that this TCU team truly believes they can play with anyone in the country. They have their swagger back and they’ll have to build on the momentum of their 42-9 victory over then #15 Oklahoma State. It’s all there for the taking, TCU just needs to go take it.

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