Mayden Takes in TCU Throttling of Texas Tech

The TCU Horned Frogs hosted a number of top flight recruits during their 82-27 victory over Texas Tech last weekend. One of them was the #3 CB in the country, Jared Mayden. We caught up with him to get his thoughts on the performance and to see where the Frogs stand in his eyes.

The #7 TCU Horned Frogs have hosted a slew of top recruits over the last few weeks as they make their run toward the College Football Playoffs. One such recruit is 2016 4-star, Jared Mayden, of Sachse, TX. Mayden ranks as the #3 corner back in the country and the #40 player overall, regardless of position. At 6’0” 190 pounds, Mayden brings the needed size and athleticism to be a lock down corner against the high powered receivers of the Big 12. caught up with Mayden to see what he thought of TCU’d dismantling of Texas Tech on Saturday.

”Honestly, it’s a good win, but as a recruit, you hope to see a better game” he said. When asked what he meant by “better”, Mayden replied, “A more competitive game, but it’s still a good win for TCU.”

With TCU going on the road against a tough West Virginia squad (#20) and then coming home to face a physical Kansas State squad (#9), the Frogs have the attention of recruits over the next few weeks. It doesn’t hurt that TCU is being discussed as a contender for one of the four playoff spots in the inaugural College Football Playoffs.

”That’s definitely something that recruits watch” said Mayden. “We watch to see how the teams are going to affect some of the recruits that’s trying to narrow it down.”

”Especially when you have top schools that have offered you, the football does matter, but it shouldn’t matter that much or weigh that much during the recruiting process.”

To clarify, Mayden says that academics and the strength of a particular degree matter just as much to him as the success of the football team does. He went on to explain what he’s looking for most in a program.

”The most important thing is football, definitely that aspect” he said. “Also the degree, I want to get a nice degree and also the opportunities that present themselves after football and after college.”

”The degree of a private school carries you a long way out in to the world of working and management and things of that nature.”

While the athletic and academic fit is important to Mayden, he says it’s important to him to have a good relationship with the coaching staff too. As far as his relationship with TCU’s staff goes, the Sachse star says he is very familiar with the Horned Frogs’ coaches.

”It’s pretty good” he said. “I can name almost everybody on the staff, well just about everybody on the staff; well at least most of the defensive coaches.”

With signing day still 15 months and a couple of weeks a way for the 2016 star, he’s yet to narrow down his list of schools to a top 5. He does say he has a top 10 and TCU is very much in it. As far as a decision goes, he already circling a month the pull the trigger.

”I would like to have my decision made by February of next year” said the highly rated corner. “As far as other schools, I’ve already been to Ohio State and I would like to get back to Ohio State and I want to try to get to Oregon sometime soon.”

With 30 offers on the table, Mayden has a tough decision looming, but he says another thing that will help him decide will be the relationships he forms with other recruits during the process.

”I talk to recruits like the TCU quarterback for 2016, Brennen Wooten” he said. “I talk to him a lot and it does matter because it starts a bond with somebody before college so if they can convince you to go to the same school, you’re not going in there not knowing anybody. You’re going in there having an idea of who this person is.”

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