Coach Patterson Meets with the Media

The #6 TCU Horned Frogs are hosting the #7 Kansas State Wildcats in what is essentially an elimination game for a possible spot in the College Football Playoffs. Coach Patterson met with the media to discuss this week's opponent.

TCU Head Coach, Gary Patterson met with the media this afternoon and was on hand to get the latest. Here are a few quotes from today as #6 TCU prepares for their showdown with #7 Kansas State on Saturday night.

Talk about how well Kansas State is playing on defense this year

”Well, on all three (phases). Special teams, Lockett is averaging almost 20 yards per return and defensively they’ve been getting after everybody, especially at home” said Patterson. “We’ve been playing well at home but they’ve been getting after people. They play really well against the run and as far as scoring defense, they’re doing really well.”

What does Coach Snyder do to earn the reputation as being a master of the game?

”He’s won at a place that nobody could ever do it before” said Patterson. “He’s one of those guys that thinks about it 24 hours a day, that’s what he loves to do.”

Can you see yourself doing it as long as Coach Snyder has?

”I don’t know” said Patterson. “Probably not. It’s different now. Media, to be honest with you, all the different things that are asked of head coaches, it’s just different. My tenure at TCU becomes shorter with the way the media (is). Will all the different access you have to give, plus being in the Big 12, my stay has become shorter. Stress levels have always (been there) but it’s a lot heavier (now).”

Is this the best defense you’ve ever had at forcing turnovers? By your standards, is this a good take-a-way defense?

”I think the most (turnovers) we’ve ever had was like 46 or 47 in 2005” said Patterson. “I think we led the nation that year. But probably, with the competition and everything, it’s probably one of the better ones. It always goes in cycles.”

What have been some things that have changed Trevone Boykin into the leader he is now?

”I think Matt Joeckel helped a lot with that” said Patterson. “I think Sonnie Cumbie helped a lot with that. At a point and time, you get tired of people telling you what you can’t do and you start trying to prove them wrong and show them what you can do. For two years, people have been telling him he can’t play quarterback and we’ll never win with him and he can’t do this and he can’t do that. He’s like anybody I else I know that has any fire in them, they’re going to try to prove people wrong.”

Does it impress you that people are calling this the best coach vs. coach matchup in the country this week?

”Well, that’s a nice compliment, but all I care about is winning” said Patterson. “I’m sure he feels the same way. I think the glamour of being a Kansas State alumni has worn off a little bit after a couple of the names I was called last year standing on the side lines. I guess they forgot I was an alumnus of the place (laughing). It was great to be up there and it will be great for them to be back down here. I’m proud of my alma mater but I like this purple better at this point. You’ve got to like the team that (writes) your paycheck right? (laughing)”.

How impressed were you with the toughness of your running back (Catalon)?

”Real impressed but to be honest with you, the whole football team” said Patterson. “If you stood where I stood, I’m just going to tell you now, there was some unbelievable explosions on that field, both sides of the ball. It was very fast and it was a very physical ball game, very physical. It was the most physical game we’ve played this year and it wasn’t even close.”

Has Trevone proven that you can do it in this league?

”Being where we’re at, and being able to do the things we’ve been able to, I think we’ve shown the toughness of this program through the first three years” said Patterson. “I go back, we won four out of five road games in our first year. You had to learn how to win at home in a new stadium and find out where your energy was coming from and I think we’re getting that, starting with our student section. They’ve been unbelievable. If I had to hope, the energy would happen like it happened on the night in 2009 when we played Utah because it was unbelievable. When we’ve played in this stadium when it was like that, we’ve done some incredible things. And it’s going to take a great effort and we’ll have to play our best football game up to this point to beat this Kansas State team because they won’t beat themselves.

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