Patterson Monday Transcript: 11/17

TCU head coach Gary Patterson talked about his team's win over Kansas, the welcomed bye week and facing Texas in this week's Big 12 Teleconference.

You guys had a chance to score an extra touchdown late in the ball game, why did you think taking a knee was better in that situation.

“Number one, to win the ball game; it had been a crazy ball game. You run the clock out and it doesn’t give them a chance to score or do anything. It was about winning; it wasn’t about anything else.”

What were your impressions on the progress Kansas has made from last season?

“Offensively, really the last two or three ball games they’ve showed signs of gaining confidence. Their two wide receivers and their tight end I thought were really good players. I really thought they’ve come a long way and they played hard against us. We probably go their best outing of the year.”

What was the sense in the locker room after the game?

“Our kids were glad we won; it was a hard fought ball game and things didn’t bounce our way. It had been eight straight weeks for us and had the Kansas State game the week before. We’ve been kind of beat up; we still didn’t have our starting tailback and Deante’ Gray didn’t play. For us, it was just us winning the ball game. They (players) were excited about getting to 9-1; that’s what the goal was. We understood there wasn’t going to be a big crowd and we were going to have to bring our own emotion and get ready to play. We thought we’d get their best ball game and we did.”

How do you think the team is dealing with the pressure that builds up with each game being so important?

“I don’t think we’ve had a lot of pressure; we came in picked seventh or eighth out of conference. We’re a little bit more on the scene right now. I think this break of a week and a half will really help them. They seemed very relieved to not actually have to play a ball game this Saturday. We’ve really been banged up but kids have been playing through things even in the Kansas State game. We’re not practicing today or tomorrow, we’ll start back Wednesday and Thursday just to give them to clear their minds. I felt we were a little bit mentally tired the last couple of ball games.

“I think our kids are more excited than anything to have an opportunity if you can win out to win a conference title in three years. We understand Texas is playing very well; right now you have to go through Austin which the championship has gone through there plenty of times before. You’ve got to play them at night and then you have Iowa State. Our kids are really excited about that. They’ve done a great job of not looking past anybody and now you get to finish the last two ball games with an opportunity to win a championship. To say that you could be part of a team that won the first Big 12, or at least tied for it is a real big deal for this football team.”

If someone would have told you before the season started that you’d be in the position you are now, would you have believed them?

“After coming off of last season and looking at our schedule, how do we win six? At the end of spring we weren’t very good on offense and we had a couple of holes on defense that we had to get some depth in. Going into fall we just took it one game at a time. I think some polls we were picked seventh or eighth in the conference so for us everything was up.”

You were talking about how grueling the stretch was and how banged up y’all were, do you think those are the kind of things that the committee should take into account when they’re evaluating teams?

“No, everyone has reasons. I think you just got to do the best you can; they’ve got a job to do and we’ve got a job to do. I’ve got to worry about winning and if I take care of that then I’ve done as much as we can do as a football team to do that. I know our fan base would love to be in the playoffs and so would we. Right now the best way to do that is to win a conference title which is win the next two ball games. Texas is playing really good football right now; they’re one of the more improved football teams since the beginning of the season. What we’ve got to do is figure out a way to score one more point.”

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