Patterson will wait for the facts to come out

Gary Patterson is known for not tolerating his players off the field issues, but in the case of the suspended Mike Tuaua, the head coach seems to be taking a different approach.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson has had to deal with a fair share of his player’s off the field issues over the last few years. But he doesn’t usually deal with them for long.

After the 2011 season, four football players were arrested for selling drugs, all four were kicked off the team and dismissed from the University once they were arrested.

In the midst of the 2013 season, his starting quarterback Casey Pachall was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk. He got sent to rehab for the remainder of the semester before he was welcome back the following year.

Before last season, his star defensive end, Devonté Fields was arrested for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Field’s was separated from TCU before he the arrest was even made.

But at Patterson’s Tuesday conference, the head coach seemed like he wasn’t ready to cut ties with his senior defensive end Mike Tuaua, who was arrested yesterday for robbing and assaulting three students earlier this month.

“I’ve been through a lot of situations here, and you’ve seen how I’ve handled it. And let me tell you something right now as it comes to Mike Tuaua.” Patterson said. “I named him captain, but non-football-wise, outside, in our community, with kids, he’s the most liked kid we have on our team besides Trevone Boykin.”

Although it seems like the head coach is in full support of Tuaua, he doesn’t know how long it will take the University to discipline the defensive end as he noted that he might be without him for the rest of the season.

But it doesn’t seem like Patterson is giving up on the hope that one of his best defensive players will return to the field.

“In this kid’s case, Mike Tuaua, we will find out what the facts are.” Patterson said. “It will all come out. “I just hope that when all the facts come out that you cover it as strongly as you’re doing here. Because it’s not even close to what happened south of here.”

For now, TCU has suspended Tuaua since they found out about the incident that occurred the weekend after the Minnesota game, where Tuaua played with a torn ligament.

Patterson said he couldn’t go to class during the first week of his suspension and still cannot use the football facilities.

However, Patterson’s comments on Tuesday sounded as if he’s taking his player’s side, something he claims he’s never done before.

“There’s a bunch of stuff I can’t talk about now,” Patterson said. “But I would say this to you. You’ve sat here before when we’ve had anything going on, and you’ve never heard me — ever — speak up for a kid. But you did now.”

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