Hunter Mandel

Spray-painting fools… stop this

College shenanigans are hilarious for rivals, but scrawled graffiti neither sends a message nor good-hearted fun.

In a college rivalry, there’s always cheeky shenanigans and bad blood, and in the TCU-Baylor rivalry, that’s no exception.

Recently, TCU fans (or someone posing as a TCU fan) spray-painted the phrase ‘TCU’ on Baylor’s statue of Robert Griffin III, just outside of McLane Stadium.

Baylor fans (or persons posing as Baylor fans) quickly responded.

Cheeky, yes. Infuriating, absolutely. Reeking of stupidity and poor taste on both sides of the rivalry?


Look, there is nothing wrong in a great prank against a rival. In fact, there have been several great pranks in the past, such as Army and Navy’s prank battles for the past 100 years, Stanford students passing around fake newspapers in 1982 after The Play, or Harvard holding “WE SUCK” signs in a game, thanks to some sneaky Yale students.

But this? What we just witnessed in Fort Worth and Waco? This is trashy pranking - vandalism at its absolute worst.

There’s absolutely nothing to praise in terms of this “prank” and certainly nothing to consider a good idea. The targets were seemingly random, the acts were petty and the execution was even worse. There’s not even a single word to be said in favor of the artistic style or usage of graffiti.

If a message was being sent, the message received is that these two rivals hate grounds and maintenance workers, and they just want to give them a new and unnecessary headache for their Friday. 

In this instance, both sides are acting juvenile and classless, and lord knows how much that term is overused in today’s college football lexicon. For crying out loud, it’s even when it’s not game week for the two schools.

It’s insane that there are people out there who decided this would be clever, funny or even a good idea. Already, the acts are receiving well-deserved criticism, including remarks from TCU and Baylor's athletic directors, and at least TCU's head coach: 

Here’s to hoping that the vandals are caught soon and served with misdemeanor sentences of cleaning up their local universities.

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