TCU HC Gary Patterson Talks Extension And Team Progression After A Week Of Practices

After receiving an extension until 2022, TCU head coach Gary Patterson was quick to say his success comes from a lot of hard work, and he's expecting nothing less than that from his team in the future.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson enters this season as the all-time winningest coach in TCU history. Prior to today, the coach’s contract ran through 2020, but it will now extend until 2022. Patterson was quick to say this extension was nothing out of the ordinary, saying these things happen all the time. He did however point out that in the world of recruiting it does make a difference. 

“In recruiting wars and everything else people do a lot of talking,” Patterson said. “So, it’s time for them to understand what kind of program we have.”

When asked if the team had progressed the way he envisioned over the past 16 years as head coach, he said they have a lot more work to do, pointing to the fact the team has yet to win a National Championship.

“The world now a days thinks 80 percent is perfect,” said Patterson. “Everybody thinks 80 percent is ok. 80 percent is not ok. For us, 100 percent is perfect.” 

Patterson’s high expectations for himself and the team are nothing new and are only ramping up as the team’s season opener approaches. After practice Tuesday, Patterson explained he is still expecting more from this team.

“These guys are freshman and sophomores,” said Patterson. “We have about five seniors and seven juniors out there, everybody else is freshman and sophomores. They don’t know how to handle how we practice. We can get to a lot of places but we were just average today.”

Patterson said he’s just going to keep doing what he’s doing and he’s grateful for the extension not just for him but for his staff and the future of the program. 

“I don’t do this for money,” said Patterson. “That’s not what the bond is. You need to get out of it, if you don’t have a passion for what you do and you don’t love what you do and how you do things. For me its about job security for my staff. It’s about showing recruits TCU is committed for the long haul and what we want to get accomplished.”

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