TCU HC Gary Patterson not happy with officiating in loss to Oklahoma

TCU head coach Gary Patterson wasn't happy with the officiating after a 52-46 loss to Oklahoma.

After falling to Oklahoma on Saturday, 52-46, TCU head coach Gary Patterson wasn't exactly happy with Big 12 officiating crew in Fort Worth.

The Frogs comeback in the fourth quarter came up short and the last drive didn't come without a little controversy. Patterson was not happy with an intentional grounding call on the last drive, which at first was ruled unwarranted. Another discussion by the officials, during a Bob Stoops meltdown, ended up reversing the call causing the Frogs to go backwards. 

"The bottom line to it is, in his estimation,(he) didn't have anybody to throw it to. My estimation is he got hit," said Patterson. "So I don't know how he could tell he couldn't throw it to him?"

Patterson went on. 

"You know, it's amazing, we can't say anything, but they can do whatever they want to," said Patterson, who is known for his calm demeanor when it comes to officials after the game. "So I don't really care right now if the commissioner, if they don't like what I think about what happened with the officials. We had one touchdown where they just tackled my guy.

"We talk about sportsmanship in this game, and I got a quarterback that writes a whole article on me and how I treated him wrong, but I can't talk about the officials. So, bottom line to it is: I wasn't happy about the officiating. We got -- not one time did they get a holding call. Not when it mattered." 

The story Patterson seemed to be referring to was done by Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, who complained about TCU and Patterson during the recruiting process. It can be read HERE.

In the video above, Patterson talks about the officials during the game. 

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