Raymond Carlin III, USA Today Sports

Dean’s Deliverers: TCU vs Baylor

HornedFrogInsider.com's Dean Straka gives his delivers of the game.

Offense: RB Kyle Hicks – How could we not? When you enter the TCU record books and come one touchdown short of doing something that only the legendary Ladainian Tomlinson accomplished for the Frogs, you deserve the glory. Hicks thrilled us with one of the best single game rushing performances that we have seen at TCU in the Patterson era, and we should savor every moment of it. His touchdown on the fourth down attempt distanced TCU from the Bears for good, and without his play, I don’t know this game would have been the blowout win that it was.

Raymond Carlin III, USA Today Sports

Defense: CB Ranthony Texada – The comeback continues. After missing most of the 2015 season due to a knee injury, Texada keeps impressing us with his performances this season. On the opening play of the game he was inches away from picking-off Seth Russell, and his pick-six in the second quarter was the ultimate dagger, giving the Frogs their second touchdown in two plays. Texada’s effort from start to end was a big reason the Bears were unable to utilize the long-passes as much as we are accustomed to, and without his score that sucked all the life out of the Bears, Baylor could have easily regained momentum and made this game an interesting one.

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