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5 Questions: Texas

We talk with Horns Digest staff reporter Taylor Estes about the 2016 Texas Longhorns.

1.) Texas is extremely young. Has consistency been the biggest issue with the 2016 Longhorns? 

"Consistency has definitely been one of the bigger issues for Texas. When the offense gets going, the defense struggles, and vice versa. The Longhorns still have yet to put together a complete performance through 11 games. Ironically, the team’s inconsistency might actually be the most consistent part of this 2016 squad."

2.) Freshman Shane Buechele isn't coming off his best game, but how have you seen him grow as a quarterback this season? 

"Putting aside the Kansas game, the most impressive thing about Shane Buechele has been his ability to not let one mistake snowball out of control. Kansas was the first time this season where he allowed that to happen, but it wasn't until after he went to the locker room to be evaluated for a neck injury. He threw back-to-back interceptions when he returned to the game, so I wonder how much his injury impacted his performance. I would have expected a couple more of those type of performances from a true freshman QB through 11 games, but that has not been the case with him."

3.) Is running back D'Onta Foreman the most underrated player in the country? 

"I personally believe he is. D’Onta Foreman leads the nation is rushing even though he missed a game earlier in the year. Very few people outside of Austin really paid attention to what Foreman was doing until after his 250-yard and 341-yard rushing performances against Baylor and Texas Tech in back-to-back weeks. His name was not mentioned in the Heisman race until those games, but he has been consistently dominant all season. It’s unfortunate for him that the Longhorns have played so poorly and all the chatter about Texas has been centered around Charlie Strong’s future. I think the negative headlines casted a shadow over one of the few positive stories that has been playing out all year."

4.) Give us a name or two on defense TCU fans need to look out for? 

"DE/LB Malcolm Roach and Breckyn Hager. Those two are some of the better pass rushers on this team and can very easily turn into a quarterbacks nightmare if either go unblocked."

5.) Regardless of what happens throughout the week, how much of a mental toll will the atmosphere in Austin play on these players Friday?

"I definitely think it will have an impact on the game, I’m just unsure if it will be positive or negative for Texas. Some of the players talked about how the team was trying to do too much against Kansas because they knew the amount of pressure being put on Charlie Strong, and it obviously backfired. There is no doubt the outside noise is louder now than it was heading into Kansas, so I could see this going one of two ways. 1: The Longhorns will try to do “too much” - similar to last week - and the game will end in another loss. 2: The emotions will cause the team to play with nothing to lose, ending with a win."

6.) Your game and score prediction? 

"This is a tough one to predict, especially since both teams are fighting for bowl eligibility. While I think this could be a very close game, it’s tough to count-out a team fighting for its head coach, so I’m going to give the slight edge to the Longhorns."

Texas 31 TCU 24

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