Interview with Nick Ash

Keller's Nick Ash has been drawing interest from schools all around the nation. Yesterday caught up with the offensive lineman to see what his summer has been like.

On Recruiting Process:

JH: Could you rank some of the schools that you currently like?

NA: "I like Purdue, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Arizona, Vanderbilt, TCU, and I'm drawing a blank."

JH: Are those in any specific order?

NA: "Those are the ones that standout the most."

JH: When are you thinking about deciding?

NA: "I want to take a few more official visits before deciding."

JH: So after your official visits will you narrow down the list?

NA: "Yeah, I will narrow it down to a few schools."

JH: What kind of chance does TCU have in making the final list?

NA: "I don't know right now. It's kind of up in the air right now."

JH: Camp wise what else are you doing this summer?

NA: "I have been only to three camps and I'm done. I'm not going to travel much anymore. If something comes up and I can I might, but as right now I'm done."

Senior Season Outlook:

JH: What are you working on this summer at a personal level to get better for next year?

NA: I'm switching from offensive guard to tackle so I'm working my technique. It has to be different on the outside because of quicker guys. So I'm just working on my footwork and keeping my head outside."

JH: What is your current forty, bench, and squat?

NA: "Currently is 5.2. I bench 285 and my squat if 415."

JH: You are currently 6'5, 260 pounds. What do you think you will want to play at when you hit the next level?

NA: I want to try to put on some weight. I want to get a good workout plan from my coaches so I can step into college and work out easier. I don't want to get my butt kicked.

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