Gregory-Mcghee is Taking Visits

Today we caught up with TE/DE prospect Kendall Gregory-McGhee who has offers from TCU, Minnesota, Boise State, CU, CSU, and Wyoming. Are the Horned Frogs on his radar? If you don't have a Premium Membership you are missing out.

On recruiting process:

JH: At this point in the summer what are some of the schools that your interested in?

K-GM: "Right now I'm looking at all of the schools that offered me and I'm wanting to take a couple visits here later this summer. Then I will make a decision."

JH: Where are you wanting to visit and where have you already visited?

K-GM: "I have already gone to CU and CSU and I'm planning to visit TCU, San Diego State, Minnesota, and Boise State."

JH: What kind of timeframe do you have in making a decision/

K-GM: "I don't really have one at this time."

JH: What do you know about TCU at this point?

K-GM: "Well it is a private school that has a great campus. I actually have a coach down in that area and he is going to check everything out for me. Then I'm going to get in contact with him in a couple weeks."

JH: In college would you prefer playing tight end or defensive end?

K-GM: "I'm really wanting to play more offense. So probably tight end, but I don't have any problems playing defense."

JH: Do most schools want you to play tight end?"

K-GM: "A lot of schools are split, but many schools have said they just want me to get up there and find a position with an opening."

On his game

JH: Tell me a little about your game as you would describe it?

K-GM: "I play hard and I'm a good blocker. I have pretty good hands and I can go up and get the ball."

JH: What is your current bench, squat, and forty-time?

K-GM: "I'm benching 265, I'm squatting 365, and I run a 4.6."

JH: On an individual level what are you looking to work on this year?

K-GM: "I really need to get bigger and faster of course. I really also want to work on my run and pass blocking."

JH: What is your coaching staff telling you that you need to work on?

K-GM: "They are really on me about my strength and some technique things."

On last season and this season

JH: Tell me a little about your team last year?

K-GM: "We were really good last year. We went 12-1 and lost in the semi-finals."

JH: This year what are you guys expecting?

K-GM: "Offensively we return six starters and defensively we return seven. We are just going to take it one game at a time. Last year we were in 4A and this year we are moving up to 5A and playing in the hardest league in the state."

JH: You have twenty catches last season. Should that go up this year?

K-GM: "Maybe, we run the ball a lot. We have a pretty good receiving core last year and everyone is back."

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