Q&A with Volleyball Coach Prentice Lewis

TCU's Volleyball program is coming off its fourth winning season in the last five seasons and their third 20+ win season in school history. Today BigPurpleNation.com caught up with Head Coach Prentice Lewis to get her thoughts on the upcoming season.

Is the second best year in school history tough to follow?

Coach Lewis: "That was our third twenty plus wins season and that is our goal. Our first goal every year is going to be win twenty matches."

Last season you had what some are saying was the best win in TCU volleyball history when you beat #15 Colorado State. What do you think that did for your program?

Coach Lewis: "It was definitely a huge lifter for our program. Since I have been here as head coach we have had wins like that every season. Wins where we are knocking off someone who is high. We knocked off Colorado State three years ago also when they were in the Top 25. Each year we have one of those wins and they have all been at home which is fantastic. Every year it helps to get one of those wins. Obviously it's more beneficial to get earlier in the season.

Tell us a little about spring practice and why you chose sand courts to play on for the last two weeks?

Coach Lewis: "There is a very big push for the NCAA to start a fall season of indoor and a spring season of outdoor. Whether it will go you never know, but growing up in Southern California I was always playing on the beach and I know how much it can help our volleyball players game. For me it wasn't even a question if we were maybe doing this.

You say it helps your players game? How so?

Coach Lewis: "Your ball control has to be right on. Since there are only two of you, you have to be able to play in the back row. You have to be able to move. The sand is so different in how your movement is. It helps with your speed and it helps with your overall jump….You have to learn how to hit shots instead of just hitting the ball hard every time. There are a ton of factors that go into the individual becoming a better player."

Tell us who stood out to you in spring practice?

Coach Lewis: "Well Kourtney Edwards is going to be the player to watch. She is a phenomenal athlete that gets better every season. She got even better this spring."

Tell us a little about your 2008 recruiting class. Is there anyone that you think can come in a play right away?

Coach Lewis: "We have a great freshman class that is coming in. We definitely have some that will be getting a significant amount of playing time."

When it comes to the players that are already here who should be looking out for or who is maybe flying under the radar a bit?

Coach Lewis: "It's going to be really tough for me to answer that until we get in the gym. Every year the way you finish is one thing, but you how you start up is another. We have been off for months. They are supposed to be working out and working on things, but you never exactly know until you get into the gym. I think Irene Hester playing in Europe right now with the Bring It On Sports team will definitely help her overall game.

You play five BCS schools in non-conference play. Should that give you a pretty good idea of where your team is at going into conference play?

Coach Lewis: "The Mountain West was the fourth toughest conference last year. So we don't really need to be looking for real tough opponents, but the teams we are playing will definitely help us see where are team is. It's going to be great playing those teams. Obviously Baylor is going to be close to the end of the season, but Minnesota, North Carolina, and Texas Tech will be very helpful to us."

Look for more TCU Volleyball reports from BigPurpleNation.com throughout the season. Next week we will previw the Mountain West Conference.

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