Horned Frogs 2nd Scrimmage Is In The Books

The Horned Frogs second scrimmage is in the books and Coach Patterson was overall pleased with the morning. The team brought much more energy today then compared to last Saturday. Overall it was a weird morning when it came to the weather. The Horned Frogs saw pouring rain and the beating sun. Go inside BigPurpleNation.com for a full scrimmage report.

Scrimmage Breakdowns:

Aaron Brown- continued to work with both the 1st and 2nd team offense. Not a whole lot to report. The senior did have a nice run to the left side for about 25 yards before he was pushed out of bounds. Coach Patterson after practice said that he has definitely slimmed down and is looking faster.

Defensive Line vs. Offensive Line- It's safe to say that early in the scrimmage the offensive line didn't have an answer for the defense.

Jerry Hughes- Hughes was tough today. On the first series of 1st team vs. 1st team, Hughes was pressuring Dalton in the pocket. Dalton tried to either throw the ball away or was setting up a quick throw to his wideout and Hughes made an incredible pass deflection that turned into a one-handed interception. One of the top three plays of the day.

Stephen HodgeA couple plays after Hughes nice interception Hodge let Dalton feel his presence. If the sophomore quarterback hadn't been wearing a red jersey, you would of been sending get well cards to Baylor Medical Center. No one picked him up in the blitz. We can only hope that BYU and Oklahoma forget as well.

Walter Bryant stripped- the receiver made a great catch in transition from Dalton, but was stripped by a group of Horned Frog defenders. The story is not Bryant getting stripped, but more who stripped the ball. Right now, scrimmages don't have instant replay but maybe they should. Hodge and Steven Coleman debated on who was the cause of the strip for about two minutes. At this point I don't care who caused the fumble. I just hope the defense continues to do it.

Bryant vs. Priest- Andy Dalton threw a screen pass that both of them caught. After about a second of fighting for the ball, Priest told Bryant to go back to the weight room. Bryant has been definitely active in the passing game, but lost two balls today.

Antoine Hicks- if you haven't seen Hicks in real life yet you are in for a treat. Was pretty quiet today, but did have a catch that Greg McCoy is regretting. A crossing route, Hicks caught it and decided to run over McCoy instead of going around him. It was a great opportunity for Hicks to show his running ability.

Billy Pizor- the sophomore had a great 35 yard touchdown finding a hole in the 3rd team defense's coverage. Untouched and would have been for as many yards as he could of taken it.

Goaline Drills- not much to report besides Chris Smith's nice rushing touchdown. He was wrapped up in the backfield but broke a tackle, cut to the right, and broke another tackle to take it in to the end zone.

Horned Frog Kickers- The kickers were 5/5 today. Especially impressive since the field was wet with multiple showers going through Fort Worth. Evans went 3/3 hitting from 42, 38, and 35. Sharples went 2/2 hitting from 42 and 38. All five kicks were right down the middle and couldn't have been better.


Coach Patterson on scrimmage: "We have to work again on not giving away the ball. I thought the defense was a lot better on trying to strip the ball. No big plays against the #1 or #2. Offensively I thought we were efficient."

Coach Patterson on the running back situation: "The way it has been the last couple of years, we better have five backs who I'm comfortable with….I don't think you can ever have to many good ones. They are a lot older and have all have a lot more experience now. Joseph Turner is staying on schedule. We haven't given him a lot of reps but he got a few today. Aaron Brown is a lot more thinned down and probably is a lot faster then he has been. The rest of the group seems to be really growing up.

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