A "Special Scrimmage" For Horned Frogs

Today on the agenda for the Horned Frogs was special teams play. A 45-minute scrimmage that just focused solely on field goals, kickoffs, punts, and returns. BigPurpleNation.com was there and has the full report.

Today on the agenda for the Horned Frogs was special teams play. A 45-minute scrimmage that just focused solely on field goals, kickoffs, punts, and returns. It was an opportunity for some players to impress the coaching staff for a spot on the 64-man roster. "This was a live situation. This is where we find out and evaluate the depth chart on special teams. If I don't like how something is done we will go and do it again" said Coach Patterson. "What we try to get done with the kicking scrimmage is we try to find game time level. We try to find who can turn that knob up to that level and who is not ready yet."

It was by far the loudest scrimmage of the year. At times it almost felt like you were at a real game. Players like Andy Dalton and Aaron Brown were leading the team in songs and even the wave. "They have to run if they don't make some noise. So whatever fits their fancy," stated Coach Patterson.

While it is still early, the return game looked to be at midseason form with a couple very nice returns by sophomore's Greg McCoy, Bart Johnson, and Jeremy Kerley. "Both Kerley and Bart are really good. I think Kerley is better then what we had last year, but we won't know until game time. Returners are only as good as the guys blocking for them," said Coach Patterson.

In addition to Kerley handling returns, the Hutto native is currently the holder for TCU. A former All-State quarterback, the converted wide receiver will be a nice player to have if a snap should go wrong. Coach Patterson after practice said he likes what Kerley brings to the position because of his good hands and composure.

The field goal units had looked good in the previous two scrimmages, but today they struggled. Evans, who was 4/5 so far in scrimmages missed three consecutive (2 blocked) kicks from 37 yards. The true freshman ended going 3/7 total.

Sharples also struggled missing his first three before rotating again with Evans.

While I'm sure it was not what Coach Patterson had hoped for, he was happy with the kickers ability to bounce back. "Well they came back the second time and kicked well. The key is you don't get second chances."

Today's short scrimmage ended on a great note. Greg McCoy caught a kick return close to the fifteen-yard line and took one to the house against the scout team. Coach Patterson had this to say about the kick return, "It's always relative because it's against scout team guys"…. "but that is what you expect to happen when you got your #1 or #2 return team coming down against scout guys."


Bart Johnson: the 6,1 190 pound sophomore had the hit of the day. Sam Shutt fumbled a kickoff return on the sideline, picked up the ball and tried to run backwards to get away from defenders. Shutt didn't realize that Johnson was as fast as he was. Johnson blew up the freshman with a great hit that drew chants of Bart throughout Amon G. Carter Stadium.


Coach Patterson on tape breakdown of Tuesday's scrimmage: "Defensively we hunted a lot better together. We were a lot more cohesive to what we want to accomplish. Offensively we had too many takeaways"….. "Overall I thought it was a good scrimmage."

Coach Patterson on afternoon plans: "We are going to talk about it today. Right now we are going to watch this film and evaluate it. We'll then reset our goals and start setting up practices."

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