Aug. 15th Morning Practice Report

If you were at TCU practice today you saw some interesting things. Drew Combs and Kevin Sharples lining up as receivers and Coach Patterson playing free safety. Go inside for a full Aug. 15th morning practice report.

Don't worry Horned Frog fans. Sharples and Combs are not going to be options at wide receiver this year. The two were scout team dummy receivers for a defensive back drill, although Combs looks like he could play some tight end.

A short intense morning practice was moved inside today due Mother Nature. It was by far one of the most upbeat practices of camp. "We made them (practice) shorter. We had morning practice yesterday and a walkthrough last night so it wasn't as much stuff," said Coach Patterson. "We had a little more legs and it was cooler outside and all of things add up to us getting a little more after it."

By the far the biggest story coming out of today's morning session would be the play of red-shirt freshman Jonathan Jones. Jones twice beat (back to back plays) Alex Ibiloye, going up and catching the ball like Randy Moss. Towards the end of practice the receiver ran a beautiful route, once again going up and catching the ball over junior cornerback Rafael Priest. "He had a chance to make plays," stated Coach Patterson. "We go down to the red zone and we do a scrimmage level because we hadn't done in a couple of days and we only have a few plays to do it and you got to make plays down there."

A day after getting some rest, Joseph Turner was back on the field and taking plenty of carries. No big powerful runs to report, but Turner got plenty of touches. "We wanted to get him some snaps live," said Coach Patterson. "We got to get him back to not physically but mentally being able to take the hit and pounding and going with it." Daryl Washington tried to help the Horned Frogs do just that with a great hit on Turner that knocked off the junior running backs helmet.

Two of the most entertaining moments of the day came from Coach Patterson himself. First, the coach was playing watchdog as some of the weight room staff was play catch outside when there was electricity in the air. He made sure that they came inside and quit playing catch. Second, the coach had a great hit on an unidentified wide receiver during a pass on the sidelines. Both were okay, but the team made sure to let coach know that they thought he needed a medic.


Alonzo Adams- Had a good day catching the ball as a possession type receiver. When you look at him, he looks taller then 6'0. With 4.4 speed, Adams is definitely not a possession type guy, but it's great to see the juco-transfer has great hands.

Kick Returns- The Frogs didn't spend much time today practicing kick returns, but when they did Greg McCoy and Aaron Brown received much if not all of the work. McCoy continued to show his 4.32 forty speed with a couple nice runs to the inside and outside.

Jimmy Young Until Jones decided to steal the show at receiver, Jimmy Young was holding the best catch of the day honors. Young had a great catch (close to 50 yards) over Tejay Johnson for a touchdown during passing drills. The two went side by side the whole way down the field, but it was young out jumping Tejay and taking it in for six.

Tejay Johnson Before he got beat by Jimmy Young, Tejay Johnson had a nice interception in seven on seven drills. Dalton never saw Johnson shadowing his receiver and the safety just stepped right in front of the pass.

Field Goal Update- Both Evans and Sharples were perfect inside the Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility. Both guys made two 35-yard fields at the beginning of practice and ended the day each making a 30 yarder.

Andy Dalton- Made some great throws today, but at times also struggled mightily. An unofficial (we don't know if we got all of them) passing breakdown had him going 10 for 22 with 1 int. and 1 td between live scrimmaging and 7 on 7 drills. Dalton ended the red zone scrimmage with a nice quarterback option run for a touchdown.

Edward Wesley- Wesley has been one of the star freshman up to this point with carries from Turner's absence going his way. No big runs today to report, but he did put the ball on the ground and that didn't make Coach Patterson very happy. "You can't do that as a freshman. That never happens. We're progressing, but he is a fine athlete and is going to be a good football player for us.

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