8-16 Scrimmage: BigPurpleNation.com Breakdown

The Horned Frogs held their third full scrimmage Saturday morning inside Amon G. Carter Stadium. This was so far the longest scrimmage this fall. The focus was getting as many players reps as possible. Go inside for a full report from BigPurpleNation.com

The Horned Frogs held their third full scrimmage Saturday morning inside Amon G. Carter Stadium. This was so far the longest scrimmage this fall. The focus was getting as many players reps as possible.

"I think we have gotten better. We just need to keep getting better. The key is the depth, the play, and how we do things. We just need to keep getting better," stated Coach Patterson.

Once again it was a great showing by the Horned Frog defense only allowing two touchdowns by the 1st team offense the whole scrimmage. While Coach Patterson expressed that he would like to see more out of the offense, he was disappointed in the defense allowing two touchdowns. "I expect zero's, we actually gave up two touchdowns today. We got to come ready to play."

If a game ball was given out on the offensive side of the ball, it would be going to running back Chris Smith. While the junior did fumble on one possession, he took one in for the Horned Frogs from fifteen yards out. "The biggest thing is he is running hard and trying to make plays. That is what are focus is. We got to keep acquiring depth," said Coach Patterson. "Seeing him and all those guys carry the football is important for us to get a lot of reps to see who can hold to it and do things. He laid it on the ground which is something we aren't happy about." In addition to his nice touchdown run, Smith had an excellent play early in scrimmage saving the Horned Frogs third team offensive from being tackled for a safety.

One area that looked to take steps back today was the field goal unit. Freshman Ross Evans was ¼ with his misses coming from: 24, 35, and 41. Kevin Sharples also didn't kick very well going 2/4 with misses from 29 and 45. "We got to keep working. Ross really kicked the ball well after his first one. The key is that he has to come out and warm up more. Obviously, he is not getting warmed up as much as he needs to," said Coach Patterson.


Andy Dalton- At times made some great plays, but much like Friday, Dalton struggled at times going against one of the best defenses in the nation. His unofficial scrimmage stats look like this: 10-21, 1 passing touchdown, 1 rushing touchdown, and he was sacked twice. His lone passing touchdown was to Bart Johnson early in the scrimmage.

Jason Phillips- The senior linebacker improved his NFL stock in less then fifteen seconds today. Scouts from the Saints and Falcons were on hand to watch the scrimmage and the very play they stepped on the sidelines; Phillips drilled Justin Watts for a four-yard loss. The hit was big and it got the scouts to write some notes down.

Running Back Fumbles- While all fumbles today were recovered by the offense, on three different occasions Horned Frog running backs (Chris Smith, Edward Wesley, and Jai Cavness) put the ball on the ground. This is the second straight day that Wesley has put a ball on the ground.

Greg McCoy- The red-shirt freshman continues to turn heads this fall. After seeing some great kick returns throughout the week, yesterday was an opportunity to see what kind of blows he can deliver. Late in the scrimmage, McCoy hit Chris Smith in the secondary causing a fumble." Everybody is growing up a little bit. The key is to keep growing up. That is why you practice and scrimmage," said Coach Patterson. "He is just a red-shirt freshman so were excited about that. Some point of time during the year he will have to play. Maybe the first ball game."

Jimmy Young an actor? According to Steven Coleman, Young is working on an academy award. During the middle of the scrimmage the receiver went down field to catch a pass and after some contact wanted a flag to be thrown. This got Coleman a little upset stating, "Quit trying to win an academy award out here. You're crazy," Don't worry it was all in good fun Horned Frog fans.

Injuries- Coach Patterson was happy that no one seriously got hurt during the scrimmage. Sitting out of the activities were S Stephen Hodge, OL Blaize Foltz, CB Jason Teague, OL Nic Richmond, DE Matt Panfil, OL Kevin Dooley, and TE Corey Fuller.

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