Rocky Long Conference Call Transcripts

New Mexico Coach Rocky Long addressed the media today in the weekly Mountain West Conference Call. See what the coach had to say inside

On starting with a conference game in your opener: "We have probably not developed our younger players are much as we would of in camp. We are not planning on playing as many younger players as we would of in a first game if it was a non-conference game. I think there are a few upsides. If you win, and it's not the end of world if you lose, but obviously if you win a conference game right off the bat you get off to a good start."

Would you rather start with a non-conference or conference opener?"I would rather play non-conference games for a couple weeks and kind of use them to develop young players and develop your team to find out about your team before you get into conference play."

With four new guys on the offensive line, how does it change what you are doing this early part of the year?"The good thing about it, it's the first time in a long time that we've had the same offense coordinator. So when we got those new offensive lineman in spring practice, everybody else on the offense already knew what was going on. They have probably progressed a lot faster then what they would of if there would have been a new system. We've haven't simplified things very much and we are going to go in with our whole package and hope they can execute."

TCU seems to be flying under the radar of BYU and Utah compared to last year, does that make sense to you when you look at their team?"I don't know how people pick things pre-season and it really doesn't matter. TCU is a great football team that has a lot of good returning players. They are probably the fastest team in our league. They could make a run at it and win all of their ballgames to."

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