Blog: TCU WINS 26-3

The Frogs first game is in the books with a 26-3 victory. The Frogs defense already looks to be in mid-season form. Game recap coming soon!

4:45- We are 10 minutes out. I will be watching today's game from the Buffalo Wild Wings in Arlington. Utah currently up 25-10 over Michigan. Go UTAH! A win would make the MWC look strong in week one.

5:08-A great 3 and out for the Frogs. Lets see the offense do something now.

5:15-ROSS EVANS!!!! A great move by Coach Patterson and crew. Show the freshman they have confidence in him right away. A great 50-yarder. That should give him confidence later in the game.

5:18-Good to see Joseph Turner still knows how to run up the middle. A nice 10-yard run for his first carry. I expect him to see the majority of the carries next week.

5:22- ANDY DALTON from 11 yards out....for the touchdown. A great block by Justin Watts for Dalton to get in. New Mexico doesn't know what has hit them.

5:25- Steven Coleman with the great interception. Right to him. It couldn't of been easier. I'm smelling a blow out. I think of been off on my 30-23 prediction.

5:27-Joseph Turner with the TOUCHDOWN. A great run. I love the shots of Rocky Long on the sidelines. If there has been one bad thing happen all day it was Ross Evans miss. I'm not worried about it though. Is it bad that I can't keep up with the Frog scores?

5:31-Great news Frog fans. The boos are coming from Lobo nation. So much for their sellout crowd.

5:35- A great move by Kerley to throw the ball away on the wide receiver reverse pass. I have seem them run that play in practice, but I wonder why you pull it out now when your already up 16-0.

5:40- GO UTAH. Utah up 25-17 over Michigan with 7:30 left. BYU's up 7-3 over UNI early.

5:45 The first quarter is in the books. I don't know if Coach Patterson could have dreamed of a better first quarter to the season. The Frogs are on pace to beat the Lobos 64-0.

6:00-Internet problems at WILD WINGS! I was just about write how New Mexico was starting to look at lot better on offense, but then TCU decides to hit Donovan Porterie forcing the QB to fumble. Porterie is hurt...

6:04- Porterie going to the locker room. Not looking good at this point for the quarterback.

6:08- Evans' missed kick is a little concerning. Since the Frogs are up 16-0 it's not as big of a deal, but to good of a drive for the Frogs to not get anything from it. Evans needs to get this out his mind quickly.

6:11 UTAH did a great job representing the MWC today. They go into Michigan and upset the Wolverines. UTAH will be getting some added respect next week while Michigan will say it's rebuilding.


6:20- Some halftime stats that stick out to me.

Andy Dalton- 12/15 connecting with 7 different receivers.

Andy Dalton- 10 carries for 31 yards. I knew that Dalton would be active in the running game, but I didn't see 10 carries coming in one half.

Donovan Porterie- 4/10 with a interception. I don't know if the quarterback will be back. He looked pretty banged up when heading to the locker room. The Frogs' corners and safties are doing a great job.

6:30- Donovan Porterie is done for the night! More to come about the New Mexico's backup in a few minutes.

6:39- The New Mexico crowd is back in the game. A total breakdown on TCU's defense. A long pass by Coach Patterson will be watching that a couple times tomorrow.

6:41- Here is Brian Gunners small profile 6-2, 225-pound redshirt freshman Brad Gruner was the team's star recruit last season after leading his Chandler High team to the Arizona state championship after coming back from a torn up knee. He's an accurate passer with a big arm, but he's not going to run too often. When given a chance, he'll grow into a big-game passer who can push the passing game deep.

6:42- New Mexico gets on the board. A field goal by their freshman Aho. A great job by TCU's defense to keep the Lobos out of the endzone.

6:50- Jeremy Kerley is a beast. I agree with Coach Patterson's complaints about the Lobo's player needed to be ejected. Totally uncalled for. Kerley gets right up and brushes off the backup quarterback's hit.

6:57- In case you didn't know....Andy Dalton is having a great game. Here are the sophomore's stats:

13/19 for 89 yards, 14 carries for 41 yards and a TD, and a punt inside the 10 yard line.

7:06- TCU's special teams need to clean it up. Two straight penalties for the Frogs special teams. With a 16-3 lead over New Mexico that is okay. It won't be down the road.

7:09- The fourth quarter is about to begin and these are my thoughts. The defense has looked amazing. Besides for the one broken pass play at the beginning of the third quarter, the defense can't play much better. I am a little concerned with the fact that TCU hasn't scored since midway through the 1st quarter.

7:22- Jerry Hughes with the big interception. This should at least set up a field goal. Who else was just screaming....GO DOWN....GET DOWN.

7:25- We have learned that Evans has no problems from 40 yards and out. The freshman is now 2/3 with a missed xp. A decent start, but still somewhat of a mystery. Frogs up 19-3.

7:32- Kerley has been huge today. That was the dagger that TCU was looking for. Expect a couple kick returns for TD's from Kerley this year.

7:33- Dalton with the TD up the middle. This game s over....Evans is really scaring me. The guy can't seem to kick anything that is a chip shot.

7:38- Andy Dalton is done for the day. Marcus Jackson is warming up. A great day for Dalton.

16-24 for 140 yards, 15 carries for 50 yards and two touchdowns

7:48- The ball game is over Frog Fans. TCU wins 26-3 behind a great performance by the defense. A game recap will come soon.

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