Notebook: TCU vs. New Mexico

The Frogs are 1-0 after handling beating New Mexico. TCU has won four straight road season openers with Coach Patterson at the helm. Here is a quick look from on what happend in yesterdays ball game.

The Offense: At times the offense looked very good and at the times the offense looked a little sluggish. What most Frog fans don't realize is you don't open up the offense when you jump out to an early 16-0 lead. Especially when New Mexico has two great corners. Yes, I would have loved to see Dalton throw deep to Jimmy Young or Jeremy Kerley, but at the same time why show anything more then you have to. I didn't really understand the reverse pass play on the Frogs fourth possession. At that point, the offensive line had been getting the runners holes that a truck could drive through. Why go to a trick play when your up and winning with something else?

The Defense: Looked great! Besides for the one broken pass play at the beginning of the third quarter, I don't think you could of asked for a much better performance to start the year on the road. Donovan Portiere and Rodney Ferguson are All-Conference caliber players and were shut down by the d-line.

Offensive Player of the Game:

Andy Dalton- the sophomore did it all! He threw, ran, and even kicked. I was a little surprised by the amount of carries Dalton actually got. I knew that TCU would run the option and the quarterback draw from time to time, but never thought he would be the leading rusher. There is no better way for a QB to get hurt then giving him that many carries.

16-25, 120 yards passing, 1 int. 17 carries for 51 yards and 2 touchdowns

Defensive Player of the Game:

Jerry Hughes- the Frogs have a pretty good DE. It seemed like he was in on a lot of plays. Give him a lot of credit on his interception. He was rushing the quarterback and had to take a step back when he realized it was a screen. Nice read!

6 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception

Ross Evans- If you were to grade the freshman's performance, you would have to give him a B. Evans is still a mystery to me. He comes out and kicks a 50-yarder to make you believe that he is the next Morten Anderson and then misses a chip shot and extra point. He has a great leg (his 50 yarder would have been good from 60), but needs to work on his short side of the field chip shots.

Ryan Christian- I thought he did a great job filling in for a banged up Joseph Turner and a suspended Aaron Brown. I don't think Christian is a game breaking back, but at the same time I do think he is very serviceable. I look at him and see the body of a receiver more then the body of a running back. I think that is what the coaching staff thought as well.

As I said in my blog, I think Turner gets the bulk of the load Saturday until they have it in hand. When ever AB comes back, I would almost have to guess Christian moves back to the outside.

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