Transcripts: Coach J.C. Harper's Conference

Stephen F. Austin is coming off a big win in week one after gong 0-11 last year. See what Coach J.C. Harper had to say about the win for his program and playing a team like TCU. It's all inside

Opening Statement:"We'll we glad to finally win a game. Obviously it feels good to be in the win column. I thought our players were very excited, our coaches as well. We worked hard through the August camp and dating back to all the way to last year to win a football game. I thought we came out and played well. We executed on offense and defensively we got after it pretty good. Overall special teams was very efficient and we were very pleased with the overall effort of our football team. We came out focused and ready to play."

What's it like going from playing an NAIA school to a team like TCU: "I've known the coaches on their coaching staff for quite a long time. Coach Patterson actually was a G.A. for Coach Darnell and I worked for Coach Darnell two different times. So I know what they are all about as well as Coach Dick Bumpas. I worked with him at Western Michigan for a year. It all starts with Coach Patterson. To mean when you say TCU over the last eight years you kind of know what you're getting involved in."

"You're getting involved in on defense speed and relentless. A man type defense that has as much speed on the field as they can. I know for a fact they want to average a 4.6 (forty) range on defense for players. Their defensive ends were running backs in high school. The first thing when I watched the tape on TCU that I knew they are going to smother us. They smothered New Mexico and that is the type of concept they do on defense."

"On offense they are very physical. They are big up front and have some very good offensive lineman. They're center is an All-American, they're running backs are big and strong. The receivers when they want to can spread it out and do that as well. It will be a great challenge for us, but the overall thought process of TCU is smash mouth football and speed."

On wide receiver Duane Brooks:Duane Brooks is a very good football player. He has the ability to make a lot of plays in space. He has a good awareness on where he is at in space. Once he gets open and catches the ball he has the speed and athletic ability to do something with it. We haven't had a lot of those guys around here, so I'm really excited to have him around here.

Is it hard to scout your team this early because of four new additions to your coaching staff: "We have already played one game and typically in our professional everyone is going to get that game. We played about 80 snaps on offense, so everyone is going to know what we do. I told the players we don't have a plan B. This is what we do and how we are going to do it. I think everyone in the coaching profession knows Shannon Dawson's background."

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