Q&A w/ SFA's Beat Writer

Earlier this week BigPurpleNation.com went one-on-one with Stephen F. Austin beat writer Kevin Gore from the Daily Sentinel. Gore gave us a recap of what happened last week for SFA and how they are adjusting to their new offense.

BPN: Give us a little recap of their game last week against Langston:

Gore:Langston was a NAIA school from Oklahoma and to be honest Stephen F. Austin needed a game against Langston after going 0-11 last year. They found them a team that was a good opener. They needed someone to give them so confidence. They needed a win over somebody."

"FA has a new offense and go no huddle. It looked good against Langston, but honestly Langston wasn't very good to be honest with you. Stephen F. Austin's starters looked really good, but their reserves reflected where they are. A lot of freshman, sophomores, and young guys made the game a little sloppy. When the reserves got in their SFA didn't really do much at all. Stephen F. I wouldn't say is a rebuilding team but more called a building team."

BPN: Are their still a lot of questions among the players and coaches for SFA after week one?

Gore: "No doubt. There are still lots of questions regarding this team. Defensively they gave up some big plays against Langston where they just had blown coverages. Offensively the quarterback could have been picked up to three times. Twice he was picked but the plays were nullified because of defense penalties. I thought it was a win, but it didn't really tell me a lot about the competition. I don't know if this Saturday's game will tell me a lot either?"

BPN: Is SFA excited and bought in to their new Texas Tech style offense?

Gore: "I think they are excited about it. You know it's a quarterback and wide receivers dream. It's a nightmare for a running back although they get a lot of swing passes out of the backfield….They feel like they have something to hang their hat on in recruiting. They will have a chance to get some position players that could of gone to Tulsa or SMU. They will maybe get guys now that were a tweener between Division 1 and FCS. SFA has redirected their recruiting to East Texas because there is a lot of talent in East Texas. A lot of speed in particular so they might be getting a lot more guys that can run."

BPN: Coach Patterson has said this secondary is one of the best the Frogs will see early in the year. Talk a little about SFA's secondary.

Gore: I don't know how good their secondary is to be completely honest with you. Langston really never tested it last week. I'm looking at their two deep and they have three sophomores and a junior. They have a lot of talented guys but they are also really young…..Coach Patterson must have been eluding to their overall athletiscm and what he sees on tape. They are athletic and they have a good future, but they are still young.

BPN: What is the attitude among the fans, players, and coaches about coming to Fort Worth this weekend?

Gore: Well it's a money game that they schedule a few years back when they thought might have been a little farther along in their process. Honestly SFA has been a three-year cycle where they have not been real good. Honestly in my opinion this is one team that you probably don't want to face right now, because of the physicalness that TCU is going to play. I have watched football in Texas for a while now and when TCU plays I like to watch them because they are a throwback team. They just bring their lunch pale and hit you. There are a lot of collisions and they just bring it. I don't think SFA is really to a point in their program where they just really match up good with this….I think because of the physicalness and intensity that TCU will bring, SFA will be overmatched. As a sports guy just looking at it, I don't think this is a time to be playing a team like TCU. Maybe somebody like SMU or North Texas somewhere along that line.

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