The Frogs Had Fun In The Rain

The Frogs battled the wind and the rain Saturday afternoon, but in the process had a lot of fun. Read what Andy Dalton and Blake Schlueter had to say after the game!

It wasn't much fun for anyone trying to tailgate outside Amon G. Carter stadium Saturday morning. If you weren't getting wet, you were trying to keep your food on your plate through 30-mpg gusty conditions.

It might not have been the most pleasant conditions to watch a game for the 25,531 fans (paid attendance) who turned out, sitting through a steady rain and sometimes a downpour.

Playing in those types of conditions, that is a totally different story.

"Going into the game the coaches told us we might have to run the ball every play and we were loving that," stated center Blake Schlueter to "Luckily we got to throw the ball around a little bit and mix it up. It turned out great. It was a lot of fun out there."

The Frogs did mix it up against Stanford on Saturday afternoon. Andy Dalton had 36 passing attempts which was 11 more than his previous high this season against New Mexico. "It was a lot of fun, I didn't think it would be, but it was," said Andy Dalton after the game. "In warm-ups I told them that the ball being a little wet didn't really effect much, so I'm not surprised at all about how many times we threw the ball."

Coach Patterson, who said after the game the Frogs have played in worse conditions, loved the weather. "Beautiful…you know what they say. If you roll with pigs in the mud, everyone gets dirty."

Despite weather conditions that would favor a high turnover ball game, TCU managed to only have two fumbles, that were both recovered. "Yeah it wasn't a big deal at all. There was one play where the ball slipped out, but other then that it was fine," said Dalton after the game.

Even with the chance of conditions that would be almost unplayable, the players were not thinking about the conditions. "I'm sure the coaches had some sort of plan B type things, but we really went into it like we would any other game," said Schlueter. "We got it into our head that no matter what the weather was doing if they laid the ball down, we were going to stick with what we do and we were going to go play."

One of the most ironic moments in the ball game was when the TCU band was not allowed on the field at halftime. Stanford's band is famously known for "The Game" in 1982. The Cardinal band walked on the field thinking the game was over, while California was returning a last second kick return for a touchdown win.

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