Q&A With PonyStampede's James Bryant

Earlier today BigPurpleNation.com went one-on-one with PonyStampede.com Publisher, James Bryant. Bryant gave us a breakdown of what we should expect from the Mustangs this weekend.

Realistically is this how you figured SMU would start the season? What is the attitude among fans after the 1-2 start? What do you think Coach Jones attitude is?

I had hoped for a better outing at Rice, but that has always been a tough place for SMU to win for some reason. I still believe the fans still believe in what June Jones is doing. There is still an excitement surrounding the program, of course some want to win now, but that doesn't happen in all cases. Coach Jones has been around for a long time, he doesn't panic. He believes in what he is doing because he has won with it everywhere he has been. He is still very confident he will win at SMU with the same program.

The defense is giving up 45 points a game through three contests. Is there any hope on the horizon?

Yeah there is hope on the horizon, the schedule gets a little easier after this week. The defense seemed to play a lot better game against Tech last week despite giving up 43 points and a lot of yardage. They stopped the Red Raiders 7-out of 15 times on third down.

Talk a little about Bo Levi Mitchell's progression through three games? Is he where fans expected he would be?

There is no doubt that Bo is the quarterback of the future for SMU. He has a very strong arm and a very quick release. Yes he is a freshman and makes rookie mistakes, everyone will look back in a year or two and realize it was definitely the right decision to go with him as the starter this year.

At this point what is the team's biggest strength? Biggest weakness?

The offensive line surprising has been strength, even starting three freshmen. Offensive line coach and former NFL star Dennis McKnight does an outstanding job with these young men. Weakness probably would have to be the size difference on the defensive front or the lack of depth at linebacker. Injuries have hampered the linebacking corp this season

How important do you think this game is for recruiting now that SMU has a high profile coach like June Jones?

Not that important. SMU already has 20 commitments, SMU and TCU don't go up against each other for too many prospects.

Do you think SMU fans would rather go .500 or win three or four games with a win against TCU?

That is easy, they would rather be that one loss to TCU's record line.

You're early keys to the game?

SMU has to play a near perfect game. No turnovers offensively and the defense must create some. If SMU can score 28 points against TCU they win the game.

You're early prediction?

Yes TCU should win the game, but this is one of those games anything can happen. Playing Oklahoma before or after this game is an omen for TCU, the home team wins by 3.

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