Transcripts: Coach Patterson OU Post

"When you play against a good team you can't turn the ball over and you can't have penalties," said Coach Patterson after the game. Read what else the Coach had to say in his Oklahoma post game press conference.

Opening Statement:
"What you can say is that Oklahoma has been here before. Bottom line is that they played at a high level and we didn't. We can't give up big plays and expect win ball games. A lot of that was my fault. We were trying to blitz and get into some fourth downs and make them punt and they made big plays. We when quit doing that, we played better defense. But you have got to give them the credit, they went out and did the things they needed to do and got some takeways they needed."

On missed opportunities: "When you play against a good team you can't turn the ball over and you can't have penalties. You can't play at second and 15. We have been talking about that for two weeks."

On his team:
"This is the second time we have played the best in the Big 12 and we only played a halfI believe this is a very good football team at TCU. I believe that before it is all said and done, if they decided to play four quarters and compete when they go on the road, they win a lot of football games.

On OU's game:
"They are deserving. In this day and age if you win all your football games you deserve the right. They have a good football team. They had a off week and they got themselves fresh and did a great job. You have got to give Bob Stoops and his staff some credit. They were prepared for some stuff that we did and they played great in the red zone…..I will be voting for them tomorrow."

On OU's offense:
"They came out to play we didn't match it and when we did stop them on the first drive we jumped offsides. They are very athetlic. I think what they are doing on offense with the hurry-up, is going to cause a lot of teams some problems. Just the tempo on their offense bothered us."

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