Q&A With BYU Beat Writer Dick Harmon

Has Max Hall been really tested by a good secondary? What did New Mexico do to shut down BYU's offensive attack? Get the answers from BYU beat writer for the Deseret News, Dick Harmon. BigPurpleNation.com went 1on1 with Harmon.

What did New Mexico do to shut down BYU's offensive attack?

DH: "BYU was expecting them to load the box up and they didn't do that. So they didn't really run until midway through the second quarter. What they did was tried to do some quick and short passes. They also tried to take some shots down field and those just didn't work. When they realized that they could run the ball, Harvey Ugna started to get four to five carries a pop."

DH: "The second thing is that I think BYU played really conservative at times and played a lot of field position ball. They had a couple of 4th down and 2 that they decided to punt on in New Mexico territory."

Is the attitude BCS or bust among fans and players right now?

DH: "I think so. The fans are excited about an undefeated season and a top ten ranking. They would like to ride that. I think some of players buy into that a bit."

How does BYU feel about playing a Thursday night game?

DH: "I don't think anyone likes playing on a Thursday night game. I think it is a disruptive thing for fans and players….I know the coaches do not like it. They do not like the limited preparation. They have to cut down what they do by at least two thirds. So by those standards it's a bad thing, but you weigh that out by being the one of the only teams on T.V. that day."

What have you heard the coaches say about the TCU?

DH: "They know of course that it's a big game. It's against a really respected team in TCU that has proven that they have a good defense. A defense that can shut down the run and get a lot of turnovers. The coaching staff realizes that it's a bit step if the team can be successful on Thursday night against TCU."

Is Max Hall been really tested by a good secondary yet?

DH: "Really I would have to say no. I don't think they have played any real tough teams. Washington and UCLA have proved to be teams that are really struggling. Utah State is not winning. New Mexico is 3-4."

If TCU wants to win what should they do against BYU?

DH: "I think a running quarterback that could pass would give BYU a lot of problems. A running quarterback that is athletic, quick, and that could run….They haven't faced that kind of quarterback yet which is part of the reason they are 6-0.

DH: "On offense a team that could get a good pass rush with four guys and cover effectively in the back end of things would give them a real problem."

BYU is 8th in one poll and 9th in the other. Is that where they should be?

DH: "I would answer that by saying I don't know? I think all of the teams in the top ten have taken turns maybe not deserving being there. You could definitely make the argument against BYU because of their schedule…..I think if you are undefeated in October like BYU and Utah are, they should definitely be considered.

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