Q&A With TCU Recruit James Dunbar

James Dunbar, one of TCU's three 2009 recruits to come out of Maud High School (Maud, TX), team is 8-0 and looking to go undefeated this season. Thursday BigPurpleNation.com caught up with Dunbar for a quick Q&A.

Tell me a little about the season?

"It's going great. I mean going great. We are 8-0 and our next two games are against mediocre teams. I really think we are going to go undefeated."

Tell me a little about how you are doing on the field?

"I'm doing great. I have been receiving a lot of double teams. I have two sacks and probably about 38 tackles. The defensive front has been doing great. We have only allowed 12 points in the first half this year."

I'm going to ask you to describe Ray and Bryant in one word and then tell me why.

Ray: QUICK- Amazingly quick. He is so quick off the ball.

Bryant: AMAZING- He just overpowers anyone that is in front of him. He knocks people's heads off.

What was the biggest reason that you chose the Frogs?

"They seem to really care if you graduate or not and that is my thing. I want to graduate."

"Once we really thought about it, we wanted it to be easier for our family to come see us play. TCU is a lot closer to home."

The Frogs have a really great year. A possible BCS game is in their future. How does it feel to commit to them and now they are having a lot of success?

"It's really exciting. I'm loving the fact that they are doing good. I have been watching and they are doing great."

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