Where Does TCU Rank In The New CFN Poll?

The new CollegeFootballNews.com Top 25 Poll is out! Are the Frogs still in the Top 15? Where do they rank compared to Utah, BYU, and Boise State? Find out inside BigPurpleNation.com!

15. TCU (9-2) Last Week: 12 L, at Utah 13-10
next game: at Air Force (Nov. 22)

The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … if Utah doesn't go on its biggest drive in school history, and if TCU PK Ross Evans hits one of his two final field goals, TCU is in the top ten and everyone is gushing over the upcoming BCS game. The defense is still phenomenal; it stuffed Utah cold.

The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... if you don't believe in the Mountain West, then you're not all that fired up about the win over BYU. That's it. That's the lone bright spot this year. The second best win was against Colorado State a few weeks ago.

1. Florida
2. Texas Tech
3. Texas
4. Oklahoma
5. Alabama
6. USC
7. Oklahoma State
8. Penn State
9. Missouri
10. Ohio State
11. Utah
12. Michigan State
13. Georgia
14. South Carolina
15. TCU
16. LSU
17. Boise State
18. North Carolina
19. Florida State
20. Miami
21. Iowa
22. Boston College
23. Virginia Tech
24. Pitt
25. Cincinnati


26. BYU

54. Air Force

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