Through the Coach's Eyes: QB Casey Pachall

In a new feature we like to call Coach's Eyes, we learn about TCU commitments and prospects through the eyes of their high school football coaches. Today we talk with Brownwood Offensive Coordinator Mitch Moore about 2009 commitment, Casey Pachall. If you don't have a premium membership you are missing out.

Casey Pachall Season Stats:

Junior: 1,339 yards passing, 9 passing touchdowns, 500 yards rushing

Senior: 164/270, 2808 yards passing, 31 passing touchdowns, 137 rushing carries, 684 yards rushing, 11 rushing touchdowns.

* interview with Brownwood Offensive Coordinator Mitch Moore.

I know from a team standpoint you had to be disappointed, but talk about Casey's great play?

"I thought Casey had a great year. I have had Casey since his freshman year and it has been great to see him progress. I think he is ready to make the jump to the next level and make a huge impact. He came out this season and did a great job managing the game. Unfortunately for us our defense was not as good as in the past. We were in some high scoring games. The last three games we scored 41, 41, 49, and lost. It got to a point offensively we thought we had to score every time. He put up great numbers game in and game out. He really led us the whole season."

What did you see change in his game from his junior year to senior year?

"Well his junior year we struggled. A lot of that was the district we were in. We came into another tough district this year and I think he became more comfortable with his reads. He started to trust his instincts a little more and he's got great instincts. He knows when pressure is around him in the pocket. He did a great job avoiding pressure this year. I always told him that "take what they give you" and he always did that. He never tried to force it. He never hesitated. I think he grew tremendously between his junior and senior year."

Talk about him a little bit off the field. What kind of guy is he like?

"He is part of our choices program at our high school. High school kids will leave and go talk to elementary kids about making good choices (alcohol, drugs, sexual relations). Knowing that my ten year old is in his class, I happy that he his paired with Casey. Those ten-year-old boys, I promise you, are looking to him. Casey knows those little kids are watching him and he is always trying to lead in a positive way."

He made the commitment before the season. Talk about how excited you think Casey is?

"There is no doubt. I think he is really excited. What makes it great is that when he got the recruitment process out of the way he was able to play worry free. His junior season it wore on him a bit and I think it was on his back of his mind. This year he didn't have to think about it. Just the other day we were talking about TCU's bowl possibilities and the improvements they are making. He was talking to me about wearing purple. I told him that I would wear purple and that is was no problem. He is excited about going there and thinks he has a possibility to play down the road."

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