Waymon James Is Ready To Be A Frog

After committing back in May, Sherman running back Waymon James says he is just "ready to be a Horned Frog". Does he feel that he could be an immediate impact player for TCU? BPN.com went 1on1 with the 2009 recruit. If you don't have a BigPurpleNation.com premium membership, you are missing out!

After rushing for roughly 4,700 yards and 55 touchdowns in three seasons, Sherman star running back Waymon James is okay with his high school career being over. The 2009 TCU recruit is ready to tackles new challenges.

"I'm just ready to be a Horned Frog. My senior year is over pretty much. I'm just going to school from 9:30 to 12:55 everyday. I'm just waiting," stated James to BigPurpleNation.com.

James' Sherman Bearcats (4A Region II District 9) finished the season 8-3 losing to Pearce (Richardson), 48-34 in the first round of the playoffs. James will go down in the Sherman record books as the school's best player ever. This season the senior set the school record in career rushing yards.

"You can't replace Waymon, because he is a once-in-a-lifetime player," stated Sherman Coach Drew Young to the Herald Democrat after James' last game. "You're lucky to have one like him in your entire coaching career."

A senior season where defenses focused their game plan around him, James (5'9, 200-pounds) rushed for nearly 1900 yards on 160 carries with 26 touchdowns. He also added close to 350 yards receiving with 4 scores.

"I think I did all right, but my pass blocking I guess I messed up a little bit. That is an area I need to work on," said James. "It's not all me. It's my lineman. I have to give it to my teammates. If it wasn't for my lineman I wouldn't get down field and if wasn't for my receivers blocking down field I wouldn't be scoring."

James decided the Horned Frogs were the best fit back in May, but still received interest from schools throughout the summer and the season. He chose TCU over offers from Texas Tech, Nebraska, Tulsa, Utah, and Georgia Tech. At the time of his decision, he was also receiving interest from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Arkansas.

"It's close to home. It's just a place where I could see myself playing at," said James. "It's not to big where I know I wouldn't be able to start in two or three years. I'm just trying to get a little playing action when I get there…That was very important to me."

The Sherman running back will come to TCU as one of the highest hyped recruits in the last few years. TCU fans are excited to see if James can make an immediate impact for the Frogs.

"They (TCU Coaches) told me that I'm going to make a big difference next year. It just depends on if I come hard and ready to play. It's pretty much in my hands," said James. "I just look at it like I'm going to do what I do regardless and if they think I'm good enough as a freshman they are going to put me in."

The 2009 recruit was able to catch two TCU games this year, including the Frogs 44-10 blowout win against Air Force Saturday. After a great performance by the offense and the defense, James walked away impressed with his future teammates.

"It was great. Their defense is great, that's what I like. Their offense is great to. It's kind of like ours," stated the running back. "The offense is very exciting and very explosive. It seems like they can score pretty much whenever they like to. If they had a better running game it would open the passing game even more."

With the loss of TCU senior Aaron Brown in the backfield, James (4.41-forty, 320-pound bench) is excited to know that he could potentially see some of Brown's carries. The Sherman Star is also excited to have an offensive line as big as the Frog's front five.

"They are huge. They are going to have a lot of open holes for me and the downfield blocking is great. I think I'm going to carry on with what I was doing in high school."

This off-season, James will be working on two primary things. First, he would like to become a better pass blocker. Second, James is going to work on his power running. Known for his great sidestepping and bouncing to the outside, James would like to become more of a bruiser at times.

"Sometimes it's seems I try to make big plays every play. I need to sometimes go straight forward."

Reportedly James is a good student and will major in business at TCU. Unlike recruits Casey Pachall and Tanner Brock, James will not be coming in this spring semester.

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