Horn Is Excited To Get Started

Ty Horn, a 2008 4A Second Team All-State offensive lineman from Waco Midway High School, has been often asked why he picked TCU. Now people are starting to figure out why. Find out what Horn had to say today inside BigPurpleNation.com!

When Ty Horn, a 2008 4A Second Team All-State offensive lineman from Waco Midway High School gave his verbal commitment to TCU in 2007, he said people questioned his decision to play for the Frogs and not in the Big 12 or other BCS conference.

With TCU finishing the season ranked seventh in the AP poll, those second-guessing his decision have gone silent.

"It used to be ‘Why don't you want to play in a bigger conference? ‘And now it's ‘Congratulations on going to TCU'," Horn said. "Some of the Big 12 teams should put TCU on the schedule. I guarantee TCU can line up and beat those teams any day."

The 6-5, 270 pound lineman has been a TCU fan his whole life and has been attending football games since he was a little kid. He told BigPurpleNation that he can't wait for his first football game as a Horned Frog.

"Playing my first game for the Frogs is going to be amazing," he said. "I've been physically preparing myself every day as well as mentally and I can't wait to step foot on the field for the first time."

Horn said the TCU coaching staff has talked to him about playing guard for the team.

Watching the Frogs over the last few seasons, Horn said he was very impressed with the play of linemen Blake Schlueter and Giles Montgomery.

"Schlueter is amazing," he said. "He may not be the biggest guy, but he puts guys on their backs pretty quick. The same can be said about Montgomery. I like watching him."

Horn said he is excited about playing on the line with other commits Eric Tausch and John Wooldridge, whom he has talked with over the last few months. He said his goal is to not just be a college player, but a dominant one.

"Anything I do I want to do to the best of my ability," Horn said. "I hope to be one of the best to come through there and I've got to make that happen. So that is what I'm going to do."

In addition to loving the school, Horn said he is looking forward to playing for head coach Gary Patterson, who has led the Frogs to 10 win seasons in five out the last seven seasons.

"He (Patterson) is intense and gets stuff done," Horn said. "It is really exciting to play for a coach like that and a school that has such a successful football program. One of the reasons that TCU appealed to me so much is because the Frogs are a team that nobody wants to face."

Whether he plays right away or red-shirts, Horn is ready to join the Horned Frog family.

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