BPN Catches Up With Robert Henson

Earlier this week BigPurpleNation.com caught up with graduating TCU senior linebacker Robert Henson. We took a look back at his career with the Frogs, talked about this year's defense, and learned about what he is doing to prepare for the NFL draft. If you don't have a BigPurpleNation.com premium membership, you are missing out!

JH: If someone had told you that Jason and yourself would make this big of an impact at TCU and you would leave with a legacy, would you have believed it?

RH: No I don't think I would have believed it. I probably would have looked at them like I'm crazy. If Jason and me have a legacy here, I think it's hard nose football and a good work ethic. That is contributed to the great coaching staff.

JH: Do you think you guys had the best defense in the nation this year?

RH: Looking around the nation there was some pretty good defenses out there, but when you say TCU, you have to have us up there in the top five or so. You definitely have to mention us when you mention the best defenses.

JH: Is there a game that sticks out in your mind when it comes to your best team defensive performance?

RH: Honestly I can really think of two. One of them we didn't win. To hold OU's powerful offense to 35 points and 20 some rushing yards is definitely something we can put on our resume. Secondly, we played a good defensive ball game at Utah until the last minute or so. All season we played good defense, but those are the two that stick out in my mind. I know it's weird because both of them weren't wins, but to me I think those performances measured who we are.

JH: When you think back about TCU, is there one moment will come to your mind first?

RH: I really can't point to just one moment. The thing I will miss about TCU is the atmosphere in the locker room. It's filled with a bunch of blue collars guys that want to win. They have the right attitude and come to work everyday. Right now I'm working out with guys in the SEC and other conferences and to see their work ethic there is a major difference.

JH: Talk about your relationship with Coach Patterson over the five years you were here?

RH: What I admire most about Coach Patterson is his relentless and his will to win. One thing that I have taken away from him is his consistency. To approach everything the same way and to go in with a game plan. He always tries to be smart as possible. He is a great guy and he has really grown me up. (Laughter) I really see some of the things that he told me in the real world coming to light.

JH: Comment on how hard it was not to be in San Diego with the team.

RH: It was tough for me. I played in every game throughout my career up to that point. It was tough just watching, but I felt like it was my duty to watch and be with them in spirit. It was different not giving the pre-game speech in the middle of the field like I always did, but Hodge did a good job with that. The worse part was calling out the plays from home. I watched the whole game and when Hodge intercepted that ball I jumped so high.

JH: Daryl Washington and Tank Carder have some big shoes to fill. Do you think those guys are ready?

RH: It's kind of hard to say because I'm not out there coaching with those guys, but being out on the field I know they work hard and approach it the same way every day. Tank Carder is a very instinctive linebacker along with Daryl Washington. Washington is fast and can definitely be an impact player this year. Tank still has some learning to do on why and how we do things, but he will come along.

Check back in the next couple of days to hear how Henson is preparing for the NFL draft!

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