Henson's Draft Day Dreams

In part two of our conversation with graduating TCU linebacker Robert Henson, we discussed his thoughts on the NFL draft and what he is doing to get ready. Come inside BigPurpleNation.com for a full report!

If you're friends with Robert Henson on Facebook, you know one thing; Most of his posts are about working hard. That is what the graduating TCU senior linebacker is doing these days. Labeled by some NFL scouts as only a special teams guy, Henson is currently working six to seven hours a day to prove them wrong.

"I really feel like I'm an every down linebacker," Henson told BigPurpleNation."I'm not saying that to be conceited or cocky, but I really think I have the ability to contribute on defense along with special teams. I know primarily my role will be special teams as I did that here at TCU for three years. It's honestly something I like to do."

While Henson did not get an invite to this years' NFL combine, he will be participating in Deion Sanders' Pro Day.

"I'm expecting to do pretty well," he said. "It will be a different experience and my nerves will be shooting through the roof. I think once I calm myself down and focus on what I have learned, I will be okay. I have been working my tail off and approaching it the same as I would in the TCU locker room."

Most mock drafts do not view Henson worth drafting, but he may get the opportunity to be signed as a rookie free agent. But with the draft still three months away, it is too early to know what NFL teams are thinking.

"Honestly I don't know," said the Longview native. "I know the draft is far away and a lot of things can change. I'm just going to try my best to show everybody that I can play, I can run and I have a lot to contribute to any ball team. But any way I can get in I'm going to be happy."

Henson is not on this journey alone as the linebacker is working out with various players from the SEC and other conferences. He is also surrounding himself with former NFL players to get advice.

"I'm definitely learning how to get off of blocks better," he said. "I have been working with guys like T.J. Slaughter who played in the league for ten years at linebacker. He has definitely been instrumental in teaching me better hand placement, how to approach blockers, how to approach getting off a block, how to read pass reads and just how to cover."

Henson will not be the only Horned Frog anxiously watching on Day Two of the draft. Fellow linebacker Jason Phillips and safety Stephen Hodge are projected as second day picks.

"I think those guys have a very good chance, as good as anybody," Henson said. "They work extremely hard and they know what they are doing when they step out on the field."

The NFL draft is scheduled to take place in Radio City Music Hall in New York City on April 25th and 26th, 2009. The draft consists of two rounds on the first day and five rounds on the second day.

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