Spring Game Ahead

The Temple University football team will close spring practice on Saturday with the annual Cherry and White Game, to be held this year at Cardinal O'Hara High School at 1 p.m.

The Temple University football team will close spring practice on Saturday with the annual Cherry and White Game, to be held this year at Cardinal O'Hara High School at 1 p.m.

Players drafted the squads with junior linebacker Tyler Matakevich captaining the Cherry squad and senior running back Kenny Harper heading up the White Squad.

Matakevich took starting quarterback P.J. Walker with the first pick, and Harper answered with wide receiver Khalif Herbin.

Offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield and defensive coordinator Phil Snow raved about the improvements of many of their players this week with spring practice almost concluded. Most of those players will be on display Saturday to show off the gains they've made this spring. Here's 10 players to keep an eye on as the Owls cap off spring camp.

Khalif Herbin, WHITE WR

The diminutive redshirt sophomore was bottled up last year as the staff opted to save his eligibility. He is expected to be the ultimate weapon, lining up all over the field for the Owls and this game could give a glimpse of his impact.

"When Khalif Herbin gets the ball in his hands, he is very, very, very dynamic," said Satterfield. "He can do it all."

Sharif Finch, CHERRY DL

The sophomore jumped into the starting lineup at linebacker last year, but reports of his progress are it is night and day as he makes the move to defensive line.

"Sharif Finch is a different human, the way he attacks, his motor," said Satterfield of a player he watches from the other side of the ball. "I'm excited to see that dude."

Jim Cooper, CHERRY K

Kicking was such a problem last year that any sight of the sophomore — or any kicker — putting a ball through the uprights will have to be taken as a positive sign.

Alex Wells, CHERRY DB

Coaches have raved about the junior college safety since his mid-year arrival and he could help shore up a problem spot.

"Alex really loves football and guys who love football get better every day." said Snow.

Romond Deloatch, WHITE WR

The wide receiver turned tight end is back at wide receiver after his year was cut short by an early-season injury. By all accounts, he has bought in more this year and is ready to make use of his impressive physical skills.

Saledeem Major, WHITE TE

Satterfield raved about the 6-foot-4, 254-pound redshirt sophomore.

"He has a high football IQ, he moves and bends, catches the ball and runs," said Satterfield.

Tyler Matakevich, CHERRY LB

Yes, you already know about Matakevich, who was far and away the best defensive player on the team last year and a solo-tackling machine. But he has gained weight and should be more dominant this year.

"He's bigger, he's 236-238 pounds and last year he was 222-224," said Snow. "His neck size has gone from 16 3/4 to 19 inches. He's made tremendous gains and shown a lot of improvement."

P.J. Walker, CHERRY QB

Same as Matakevich, Walker was a star last year and the offensive player on which this program will be built the next few years. It will be interesting to see him play in his first spring game. Walker is always a Player to Watch.

Cequan Jefferson, WHITE DB

Like Wells, a mid-year enrollee who could help shore up the defense's Achilles' heel.

Dion Dawkins, WHITE OL

Satterfield has been pleased with the production of his offensive line and Dawkins is a player coming off an injury the Owls would like to count on.

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