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How do you interpret that Avery Walls said UT is going a different direction? Do you take it to mean that we're in on so many other great prospects that we can afford to part ways with a 4* kid we lead for? Or is it just that we have the2 safeties we want and we need the schollies for other positions?

James Answer: I did confirm earlier that UT has gone in a different direction; don't be surprised if he doesn't show this weekend. I don't think he will, but if he does it will be because he is great friends with Rajion Neal. We are out of the safety position right now, Loften expected to be coming in January, plus the two commitments and don't forget Brent Brewer. They will take corners but I don't think any more safeties.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think they have gone in different ways since he is going to be on campus this weekend. This makes his 3rd visit under Dooley. We are about to be finished at DB though and probably only have 2 spots left.

How do you think this staff will fill the remaining scholarships? Obviously, we're probably done at Safety. I think we have 12 more schollies to give, because we have 14 committed and can sign 26. Correct me if I'm wrong. How do you think they'll be distributed by position (we'll count Cam Clear as a TE for now.

James answer: I still think we will sign at least 27 and might over sign a couple of more. Also look for them to find midterm guys as many as they can find to help fill some voids. I see them signing 2 more receivers, one or two OL, 1 TE, two or three DT's, 1 DE 1 LB and two or three more corners.

Hampton's Answer: We can sign 26 but only have 11 scholarships left because Loften is now a part of this class. I think we will go: 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 OL, 1 TE, 2 DTs, 1 DE, 2 LBs, 2 DBs. That would give us 27, but we may over sign this year. It hurt us bad with the '10 class not being able to get so many of them in school.

What's the latest on this coaching staff not using game days as official weekends is this true and what are your thoughts of this. How will it affect UT's recruiting?

James' Answer: This is the way a lot of schools do it and the way they use to do it all the time. I don't think that Dooley will completely not use Game Day official visits, I expect a couple for perhaps the Alabama game. Just not as many as the previous staff. It won't hurt recruiting and it will help Dooley and staff gets the type character on their team.

Hampton's Answer: I like this idea for a couple reason. 1) By taking their official visits in the winter, Dooley will have much more face to face time with each player. I think he is an awesome recruiter in these scenarios. Just ask Justin Hunter and James Stone. 2) The staff wants to sell kids more on the people here at UT rather than just the football aspect. I think allot of parents will buy into this, and you will see the Vols close very strong.

Which recruits will be in town this weekend, will Gabe Wright be one of them?

James' Answer: Arnett, Johnson and several of our UT commits. I don't expect Walls to make it.

Hampton's Answer: DeAnthony Arnett, Avery Walls, A.J. Johnson and 5 or 6 committed guys are the main ones. James could probably answer this better than me. Gabe is trying to come up for this game. He said if he doesn't make it up for this one, he will definitely be here for the Alabama game.

Carson is our only DT commit. How many will we take and with who are we in good shape?

James' Answer: Mickey Johnson just stated in a recent article that the Vols are in the lead for his services. I think that Gabe Wright, Sheldon Richardson and Maurice Couch are all guys they would take.

Hampton's Answer: Saulsberry is a DT commit too. I think we will take 4. Mickey Johnson just announced us as his sole leader yesterday and we are in Gabe Wright's top 3. Those are our best 2 shots unless we make big moves with Lonnie Gosha or Terry Bell. I think we get at least 1 of those 4 guys.

Are there any juco prospects that the staff is currently recruiting hard?

James' answer: Maurice Couch and Sheldon Richardson, expect this to change in the next four weeks, expect that more names will appear after the Vols open week in October.

Hampton's Answer:Maurice Couch and Jesse Williams are the only 2 I'd would consider us as recruiting "hard." Williams just committed to Alabama so he is pretty much out of the picture. We have quite a bit of ground to make up with Couch, but we are in the mix. We would love to get a JUCO DT in this class.

Do we expect any commits in September? Which 2 or 3 would be most likely?

James' answer If Tino Thomas doesn't commit very soon, look for him to miss the Vol Navy boat. I'm also hearing that Vincent Dallas may be already a silent, but is waiting to make a public announcement, in October.

Hampton's Answer: I expect at least 1. Tino Thomas looks like he could commit as soon as this weekend on his visit. His hand is about to be forced because we are about to fill up at DB. If he doesn't, he risks missing the boat. As for others, Vincent Dallas is the only other guy I feel like is close to committing to UT right now, but I don't know when he plans on announcing. My next 2 guesses would be Avery Walls and Jordan Williams but I'm not completely sure what's going on with Walls, and I think we may be slow playing Williams. The Vols are going to be stingy with these last few scholarships, especially on the DL.

What does the rest of the DB board look like? With the Avery walls news, does that mean the coaches like where they are with Kadetrix Marcus? With Tino Thomas seemingly a vol any day now, does that have show any indication on where the staff feels they are with Derek King?

James' answer: Derek King, Tino Thomas, Kadetrix Marcus, Dallas Crawford and maybe Alex Dixon.

Hampton's Answer: Avery Walls, Chris Jones, Derek King, Tino Thomas, Kadetrix Marcus, Blake Countess, Robenson Therezie, Ahmad Christian, Dallas Crawford, Kevin Grooms, Alex Dixon, Chris Milton, and Ronnie Harris. I think we still want Walls. We are 2nd for Marcus, and I don't like our chances of landing him. I don't think it says anything about where they feel they are with King. We are in his top 2, and he's visited UT 3 times under Dooley.

Where do we stand with SteveTuitt, G Newberry, Jordan Williams, and Terry Bell?

James' Answer: We are completely out of it with Tuitt and have been for some time. Last time I talked to him he didn't sound like he would take an official visit to Tennessee. Newberry we still have a decent shot, Jordan Williams a good shot and Terry Bell is beginning to fade.

Hampton's Answer: Tuitt- We are at the bottom end of his top 5, if not out of it. Newberry- We have a real shot here, Everybody is chasing FSU, but he wants early playing time and knows here is where to get it. He likes the Vols alot. Williams- We could probably lock him down if we wanted to. He may be a fallback option at the moment. Bell- Everybody expects him to end up at FSU, but he seems to fall in love with every place he visits. We are definitely in the mix.

Can you give an expected reasonable expectation for what you guys think our position breakdown for this recruiting class will be? (i.e. 5-OL, 4-DB's etc)

James' answer very similar to Hampton's answer Hampton's answer: QB- 1 RB- 2 WR- 2 TE- 3 (counting Clear) OL- 4 DL- 6 LB- 3 DB- 6

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