Instant replay

Tennessee defenders are due for some deja vu. The Florida offense they encounter this Saturday will look a lot like the Oregon offense they encountered last Saturday.

Facing essentially the same attack two weeks in a row should be beneficial. Of course, it would be a lot more beneficial if the Vols had figured out a way to stop the Ducks' Quack Attack. That didn't happen, as the 48-13 final score suggests.

Regardless, the Vols got a head start on their Florida preparations while preparing for Oregon. Like the Ducks, the Gators utilize a spread option that features a super-quick tailback and a mobile quarterback.

"It's definitely similar," Tennessee linebacker Nick Reveiz said. "They're a spread offense that relies on their speed, making defensive players look at the wrong thing. As a defense, you have to be very disciplined - knowing every gap, what's your fit, where you need to be, who's your responsibility.

"It's good practice for us to be able to have a game with Oregon before Florida comes here."

Whereas Oregon features a scatback named LaMichael James (5-9, 185), Florida's Jeff Demps is equally small (5-8 190) and at least equally fast. Reveiz describes Demps as "similar to those Oregon running backs ... very explosive ... a lot of speed."

And, like Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas, Florida's John Brantley has enough agility to elude pass rushers and occasionally run for positive yardage.

"Brantley is a great player," Reveiz said. "He can move. A lot of people don't think he can run but he can. He's a fast kid."

Tennessee coach Derek Dooley agrees that Oregon and Florida are very similar offensively but says there are some notable differences, too.

"With a new quarterback, Florida's done a little more pro style than they've done in the past," he said. "In their spread stuff there's a lot more gap schemes that come with it, whereas Oregon didn't do any gap schemes.

"So it's a little bit of a different attack in a lot of ways, but then there's a lot of similarities."

Tennessee fans can only hope there won't be 48 points' worth of similarities on Saturday afternoon.

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