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Where do you think UT's class will end up in Scout's rankings?

James' Answer: I think before it's over that Tennessee will be a top 20 recruiting class for sure and probably end up around 15 by It could vary.

Hampton's Answer: I think they are going to finish with a borderline top 15 class, somewhere in the 13-17 range.

Do you think the Vols will offer 2012 RB Deshawn Mobley from Powell? Seems fast and is a good size running back.

James' Answer: Yes they are recruiting him. Not sure on when or if they will offer. I know he has been to several games already and is already getting to know the new coaching staff.

Hampton's Answer: I really don't know a whole lot about him. I do think the RB we take next year will be a special one because we will have solid depth there. The Mathers kid is another in-state RB to watch.

Who will likely be early enrollees out of the current commitment list?

James' Answer: Crowder and Power for sure, Brendan Downs is a possibility. Pat Martin may be, Justin Worley is also a possible. I have been asking the signees when I have been doing updates on them lately.

Hampton's Answer: James can answer this one better than me I'm sure but Crowder, Power, and Coleman will be EEs. I think Carson will too. If Loften and Dixon qualify, they will also be here in January. I don't believe Randolph, Worley, and Downs have decided on what they are going to do yet.

Who is our #1 offense and defensive recruit?

James' Answer: Antonio Richardson, Cameron Clear on offense, Gabe Wright on defense.

Hampton's Answer: Offense- Antonio Richardson. Defense- 1A Gabe Wright, 1B Mickie Johnson, 1C Terry Bell

Any guys that transferred out of a school that are sitting out this year that we are looking at? Any guys on our roster now that transferred in that will be able to play next year.

James' Answer: well not necessarily a transfer, but I wouldn't be shocked if Tennessee shows some interest in Junior College QB Zach Mettenberger, former Georgia QB.

Hampton's Answer: I don't know of anybody like that. WR DeMario Williams transferred in to UT this semester and will be able to play next year.

Who is the better speed back prospect at this point, Jerron Seymour or Devrin Young?

James' Answer: I look at Devrin as a slot back type guy; special teams etc. Seymour is the bigger running back for sure.

Hampton's Answer: Seymour. He plays against the toughest and most talented competition in the country (6A Dade County) and still puts up huge numbers. He is also the better RB. He's got a couple inches and 15-20lbs on Young as well.

Where do we stand with Chris Jones after his visit for the Florida game? Where does he stand in the pecking order for the remaining 3 to 4 defensive back slots we have open?

James' Answer: He is Tennessee's for the taking is what I'm hearing.

Hampton's Answer: I haven't heard that he made it in for the game, but I think we are in his top 2 with Bama. I think he is one of the top 4 guys on the board with King, Marcus, and Thomas. We would take his commitment for sure. I'm not sure how the DB numbers are going to work because if Loften and Dixon qualify, that gives us 5 DBs already.

With Dooley wanting to put so much emphasis on in-state kids how hard is this staff perusing Antonio Richardson, Cameron Clear, Jaiari Dunaway, Derek King, Terry Redden and Tino Thomas? Which of these players do you think will end up being Vols?

James' Answer: I think we end up with all of them especially if Jaiari gets his grades right. I wouldn't be surprised if he has already tried to commit, but the staff is slowing playing the pledge a little due to grade concerns. Tennessee wants all of them except for Redden.

Hampton's Answer: I think Richardson and Clear are the top 2 guys on the overall board with King probably being in the top 5. We want them bad. We are recruiting Dunaway and Thomas hard. I don't think we are looking at Redden much. Right now, I am sorta leaning to everyone you named besides Redden being Vols as long as Dunaway's grades are in order.

Is Tim Jernigan just too big of a recruit for Derek Dooley's staff at this point or would Tennessee have a shot to get this kid in?

James' Answer: Tennessee still has a puncher's chance with him, but not much beyond that. If they can get an official visit out of him, the better the Vols chances will be.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think we would have much of a shot.

Now that we are 25% of the way through the season, do you perceive the play of the team and the level of coaching as having an impact on recruiting, i.e. do recruits seem more interested, less interested, or about the same? Are we quickly losing or gaining ground on any specific recruits?

James' Answer: If anything recruits are probably realizing they can play faster now. Depth is a huge concern and it shows, that can't be a negative in recruiting.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think we are losing ground. The recruits know the situation we are in talent wise right now. They do like how hard we play and seem to love the coaching staff. They know better days are coming for the Vols.

How fast is Tino Thomas in the 40? I recall he was the fastest at our 2009 early June camp. He's appears to be growing into a LB, any chance he will play LB in college? (Now at 6-1, 195, 2 inches and 16 lbs since last summer).

James' Answer: He is fast and Hampton is right, this staff wants him as a true cover corner. He has good size and great hips. That's important for a corner in the SEC.

Hampton's Answer: He is a CB to this staff. It sounds like he consistently runs in the 4.4s. I know he ran a 4.4 at UT's and Ole Miss's camps this summer and even pulled a 4.3 at Miss St's camp.

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