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What's the latest news on JC DL's, ex. Richardson, Tillman, Mackey, Jenkins, Couch? Do you see any progress with LB recruits, any new names? I see The Vols as needing more defensive speed, who among the commitments and prospects will best meet this need? From what I have seen and heard about Terry Bell, it appears to me he will be a n OL in college, but we appear to be recruiting him as a DL. Where do you expect him to play in college?

James' Answer: I spoke to Sheldon Richardson's father this week, he will take visits, Tennessee is definitely recruiting him and the Vols will definitely get consideration from him. He is a big time player that Tennessee will pay a lot of attention to. Also Maurice Couch is the No. 2 DT on the Vols recruiting wish list. Mickey Johnson is high on the board and so is Mackey.

Hampton's Answer: I think there are 3 or 4 teams ahead of us for both Richardson and Couch. I think we have offered Mackey. Derek King, Tino Thomas, and Marcques Dixon can all provide track speed at the CB position. Bell is a DT in my opinion.

When will our next commitment be and who will it be? Who is on our DB board still other than Loften, that we realistically might sign?

James' Answer: It better be Tino Thomas if he wants to be a Vol. Vincent Dallas is another possibility, but Kadetrix Marcus might be second on the list. Don't be surprise if the Vols push for a Derek King commitment now.

Hampton's Answer: Tino Thomas and Vincent Dallas seem like the next 2. Thomas should commit the next time he is in Knoxville. Dallas will most likely commit during our bye week or the week of the Alabama game. Derek King, Tino Thomas, Kadetrix Marcus, Geraldo Orta, and Marcques Dixon appear to be some guys we have a good shot at signing at DB. We lead for all of them except Marcus who we are 2nd for.

2012 Class, are we way behind on them also or do you think we will have a great class that year? Who do we still have on the DE board?

James'Answer: I recently found out that Tennessee has offered over 125 to 150 juniors unofficially, of course, official offers can't be extended for a while now due to the new rule. We will be taking a look starting next week at all the new 2012 offers etc.

Hampton's Answer: I think we are in very good shape with the '12 class all things considered. We appear to be offering allot of guys especially on the DL. We have allot of guys interested. The DE board may be the biggest mystery of all. Of those who aren't committed, I think we have Curt Maggitt and then some guys who are fallbacks like Jordan Williams, Jesse Hayes, Giovani Francois, and Barron Dixon.

It has consistently been stated that we were way out in front for Vincent Dallas and a commit was likely in late October or early November. Is this still the case?

James' Answer: Tino first, Vincent probably second, but yes I expect one from him.

Hampton's Answer: Yes, but it should come mid-October.

How many can we sign for 2011, including back counts? What's the most you can backcount in a year?

James' Answer: Yes on 27, might be able to pull some mid term magic on the numbers, depending on if the right person is available.

Hampton's Answer: We can sign 27 total. The most you can backcount is 3. We are able to backcount 2 in this class which puts the number at 27.

Where do we stand with the WR's Watkins and Arnett? Who are the top LB's we are targeting? And who do we have the best shot at?

James' Answer: Yes on Arnett's top two, don't be surprised if we pull off the shocker there. Don't be surprise if we end up in Watkins top three, Darin Hinshaw is doing a great job recruiting him. Don't count him out. Dunaway is a take as long as his grades are good, slowing playing him a little, but he hasn't jumped at committing either from what I'm hearing.

Hampton's Answer: I think we are in Arnett's top 2. We are in Watkins' top 5. The top LB targets are Lamar Dawson, Lateek Townsend, Travis Hughes, Gionni Paul, and Jaiari Dunaway. We have a good shot at getting Paul,and he is a guy we really want. We lead for Dunaway but I'm not sure he is a take right now. Cedrick Cooper is another guy we could probably get.

Do you expect any of these safety recruits to end up LB positions?

James' Answer: There is one possibly, but probably not, not going to name names, could hurt in recruiting.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think so.

With the commitment of Devrin Young, do you think that wraps up our RB class?

James' Answer: I disagree, I think Seymour is a take if he will commit, Young is a specialist and an athlete.

Hampton's Answer: I think it seals the fate of Jerron Seymour. I don't think we will turn away a top talent at RB like Buie, Hill, or Coe if they want to come here. I think we can get Buie.

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