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I know stars or lack thereof is not everything but, but, are there any 4 or 5 stars left that are leaning UT's way!

James' Answer: Mickey Johnson, Antonio Richardson and Cam Clear come to mind right away.

Hampton's Answer: UT leads for DT Mickey Johnson and OL Antonio Richardson, are the favorite for OL Cam Clear, are in DeAnthony Arnett's top 2, in DT Gabe Wright's top 2, and in TE Jay Rome's top 3. We have passed on some 4stars (Walls, Countess, etc) in order to take a couple lower rated guys we feel are better players.

If Loften and/or Dixon fail to achieve eligibility for winter session, will Tennessee "move on" to other prospects?

James' Answer: I think we will stay with Loften even if UT places him in JC, Dixon they may not stick with.

Hampton's Answer: I think they would probably cut ties with them. NSD would only be a couple weeks away and we can't afford to have any non-qualifiers in this class.

Is Tennessee going to actively pursue Asiata? If not, is there concern about losing Parker's commit?

James' Answer: He isn't as high as others on the Vols board. That being said, if Parker decides not to come, I feel that he may be the only commitment not 100 percent at this point.

Hampton's Answer: We have recruited him some, but we are not pursuing him very hard. We want Richardson and Clear on the OL and be done with it.

More likely to be a Vol, Blake countess or Derek King?

James' Answer: Derek King

Hampton's Answer: Derek King. Most believe he is the #1 DB target on the board and has recently said the Vols lead. I think we have passed on Countess.

How is the class of 2012 for instate prospects looking?

James' Answer: Brian Kimbrow is the fastest athlete in this class and I know the Vols like him a lot. Nate Cole is probably the second best prospect in the state, Jovon Robinson is a top prospect as well.

Hampton's Answer: I think it is looking fairly strong especially at the top. Brian Kimbrow, Jovon Robinson, Brandon Hill, Nathan Cole, Drae Bowles, Chad Voytik, Alex Dale, and Ben Still already hold non-UK/Vandy SEC offers. I don't know if the depth of the class will be as good as the '11 though.

Do you see or feel any of our recruits wavering at this point? Losing interest, possibly uncommitting, etc.

James' Answer: Juda Parker is probably the one that I'm concerned about the most, with him being so far away, not seeing the campus etc. If UT backs off one or if he backs off it wouldn't surprise me, I feel most of the other commits are really solid at this point.

Hampton's Answer: I would be a little shocked if at least 1 commit doesn't decommit before NSD. You always think it isn't going to happen, but it always does. Usually, 2 or 3 times. Juda Parker is the one I'd watch. We really need to get him here for a visit.

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