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What are our chances of landing Couch?

James' Answer: Well I think this week's events show how close Tennessee really is in landing this outstanding lineman. Anytime a young man comes off an official visit to South Carolina and calls out of the blue to commit to Tennessee sight unseen, says a lot about his interest in the Vols. I say we get Couch, just a matter of time. Coach Darin Hinshaw's relationships with that coaching staff are helping a lot.

Both Scout and Rivals still show Juda Parker as a Tennessee commit. Has the split between the two actually occurred? Is Tennessee still planning on honoring his commitment?

James' Answer: I'm hearing that there is going to be a split between the two; I can't take him off the commitment list based on rumors or little birds singing. I have to get him to tell me that he isn't committed to the Vols anymore. I got to figure out what time it is in Hawaii, so I can reach him.

Should we be concerned about the official visits being planned to other schools by A.J. Johnson and Pat Martin? Are they solid commits?

James' Answer: I don't see anyone being any more solid than Pat Martin. Guys its common for guys who haven't seen a lot of other places to take a few visits, I think Tennessee is rock solid with both guys, I don't see A.J. making a third choice, he has committed to UT twice, so I think you don't have much to worry about there.

Building on the Couch question above, where do we stand with other JUCO DT's such as Sylvester Williams and Sheldon Richardson?

James' Answer: Williams is being recruited heavily as well as any other DT in the country. I spoke to Sheldon Richardson's father about two weeks ago, he told me that Tennessee was definitely a school they were entertaining Tennessee and although committed to Missouri, will most likely take official visits to other schools.

Do you expect the Vols to take more than 1 JC defensive lineman (assuming the quality is available)?

James' Answer: YES, YES, YES. Look for some new names to appear as this coaching staff searches across the country for some help.

Have heard Isaiah Crowell and Jermauria Rasco have interest in UT, your assessment if this is valid or just wishful thinking?

James' Answer: Probably a little bit of both. Wishful thinking and a legit chance of them having interest in the Vols. A lot of people think when a team does badly on the field that it hurts recruiting, that's usually not the case.

Another build on in regards to Couch, will he have the needed Math class? I would think the Staff would not hotly pursue a DT unless they were reasonably sure he could meet the SEC requirements?

James' Answer: I know he told me he will graduate in May. That means if he does need the extra math, he has plenty time to get it done. He could take it during a holiday session at JC or next semester. When you have that much time to get it done, that's usually a good sign.

Probably late, but I am wondering if we have any shot with a playmaking lb. This to me is a huge need, maybe even more than DT.

James' Answer: I know this coaching staff is still searching for that answer. The Kentucky LB is the answer, but he is a long shot.

What is the latest on Marquis Dixon and Ederick Loften? Did either take a test to qualify? What are chances they make it to UT?

James' Answer: I haven't got an update on these two in a while; I will work on that this week. If they don't make it in for January, expect them to either go to JC or prep school.

JB, where do we stand on Arnett, the receiver from Michigan?

James' Answer: I really like where we stand with Arnett. They loved it here for his first camp two years ago. Arnett would really be the icing on top of the cake at this position. He is a big time player with big time playmaking ability and great speed. I won't say it's a lock, but I like the Vols chances here.

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