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What new names came out of last week's evaluations? Get those answers here first. We let you ask the questions and we supply the answers. Yes it's time for our weekly Recruiting Mailbag.

Any new prospects' names or increased interest from defensive linemen in the Junior College ranks after the staff had the open week for evaluations and recruiting?

James' Answer: I promised you last week there would be some new names appear and I'm happy to be the first one to tell you about two of these guys. Look for the Vols to begin recruiting cornerback Kevin Spigner from College of Sequoias, offensive lineman Lamar Mady from Butler Community College and Cornellius Carradine from Butler. Carradine was described to me as being an unbelievable talent.

Hampton's Answer: Carradine is a name that popped up early in the week and the Vols like him. He appears to be a FSU lean at this point.

JB and Hampton, what are your personal takes on the recruiting class so far up to this point?

James' Answer: A lot farther ahead than UT was this time last year. A lot more stable class also. Go back and look at last year's list at this time and several didn't make it on campus for one reason or another. I expect 90 percent of this list to make it to Knoxville.

Hampton's Answer: I like it. These are all guys who can qualify and be on campus 4-5 years which will create much needed depth. Keeping players around has been our problem the last 5 years. We have to finish strong though which I think we will.

How are we doing in your opinion with Cameron clear and Antonio Richardson?

James' Answer: A lot better than some people are putting out there. I have spoken with several people close to the situation and I can promise you UT isn't fourth or fifth for Clear more like one or two. We are definitely in Richardson's top two and I honestly think UT is probably his true No. 1, although he isn't going to say that publicly.

Hampton's Answer: We are doing a little better with Richardson and a little worse with Clear than I thought we would. I am confident we will land Tiny, but Clear is going to be a battle. I still think the Vols get him on NSD.

JB and Hampton. OK, I'm going to ask the unfair question of you two. I'm guessing we take 10 more in this class after one coming off the current list. If you two were putting the house on it, who would you guess those 10 would be?

James' Answer: Well I found out this morning that we will only sign 26 in this class, that's it. My answer to you is Cam Clear, Antonio Richardson, Gabe Wright, DeAnthony Arnett, David Carridine, Maurice Couch and Kevin Spigner.

Hampton's Answer: This is going to be the best case scenario but I think we have a shot at doing it: Maurice Couch, Gabe Wright, Antonio Richardson, Cam Clear, DeAnthony Arnett, Jeff Pagan, Allan Wasonga, Eddrick Loften, Derek King, and Gionni Paul.

With all the visitors expected this weekend, could we get any commitments out of the group over the weekend or early next week? If so, who would be the most likely to commit?

James' Answer: I really don't think so. I'm hearing that DeAnthony Arnett and Maurice Couch will probably be your next two commitments. Hey on this one I don't mind being wrong.

Hampton's Answer: I don't expect any and don't think any of them are close to committing to anyone. Eddrick Loften should be considered a commit.

JB and Hampton, which of the various RBs that we are recruiting (excepting T Smith) would you like to see us sign if we take two RBs?

James' Answer: I know we have stayed in it with Belamy better than what most people realize. It will be interesting to watch what Bigelow thinks of Rocky Top this weekend.

Hampton's Answer: Isaiah Crowell and Mike Bellamy, but I don't think they are too realistic. I wouldn't mind the Wasonga take. We are still recruiting a lot of RBs.

WE need speed, speed, SPEED. How are we there?

James' Answer: I definitely think UT has addressed this, a lot more legit 4.5 guys on the roster and I think it will show up in fall camp next year.

Hampton's Answer: We are definitely addressing it. Tino, Devrin, Coleman, and Randolph bring excellent speed to their positions. Derek King has elite speed if we take him. I think we want another speed RB as well.

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