Vols Must Push Forward

A disappointed Derek Dooley addressed the media following practice Tuesday afternoon. InsideTennessee brings you all the latest from Haslam practice field.

Not everyone comes to work every day. It's human nature, but Derek Dooley says it has to change.

Dooley won't accept weak minds wearing the Orange and White. The head coach didn't see what he wanted out of his team during Tuesday's practice.

"A little disappointed in the mental intensity today," Dooley said Tuesday. "I always say the results don't define who you are, but what does define who you are is your approach to work, what your attitude is and what kind of mental energy you bring to your job. It wasn't good today."

While Dooley was quick to talk about Tuesday's practice and his players effort it might not just be the players who were mailing it in.

"I think there were a couple of people in our organization who didn't come to work Monday because they were sick," said Dooley. "Are you kidding me? You shouldn't be sick on a Monday, nobody gets sick on a Monday, in less you are not sick."

How do you change the mentality? It's simple, you don't allow it. And don't expect Dooley's standards to change any time soon.

"...there are certain values in the program that will never be compromised and will never go unnoticed," Dooley said. "One of them is how you approach your work every day.

"The attitude you approach it with, the intensity you approach it with and the toughness you approach it with. When that is not to our standard it needs to be confronted and talked about."

Dooley says his team's struggles are not unique to Tennessee. This is something that happens to every one at some point.

"It's human nature not to be able to wake up every day and bring your best," Dooley said.

"How do you do it? When you aren't feeling right you demand it out of (yourself). You push yourself through it when it's hard and then it becomes what you do, there is no other option."

"It doesn't matter if you are hurting, you're sick, I got the flu, I got the swine flu, it doesn't matter. You work, you go to work and you put it all in every day."

"It either becomes a part of who you are or you're not that way. There is no in between. You either bring it every day or you don't and if you don't know how to bring it every day you have to teach yourself – nobody is born to bring it every day, nobody, I wasn't. You have to train your mind and your body will follow. There is no other option and when you have no options you do it."

What would it take you get you to come to work every day? A million dollars? Derek Dooley says you shouldn't need a dime, it's a responsibility.

"I always go by the theory, if I gave you a million dollars, would you have a great practice today? The answer is yes.

"If I gave you a million dollars, would you go to work today if you were sick? Yes, I would have gone.

"Well then why didn't you go? What do you need a million dollars for? If you can go, go. That's your obligation to the organization. That's how it works."

Dooley hopes his Vols will respond in favorable fashion when the team returns to the practice field Wednesday afternoon.

Injury Update

Quarterback Matt Simms suffered a sprain to his left knee in Tennessee's game with Alabama. Dooley says the injury is evident at times.

"Matt is not 100 percent, but he is showing big jumps every day," Dooley said. "He went through the whole practice today. There are a couple of areas where he can feel it, certain throws, certain runs..."

Offensive lineman JerQuari Schofield returned to practice full-go this week. Dooley says the big man moved around well.

"He moved around pretty good," Dooley said. "He seems like he is back, that's physically. Whether he is back to where he was I don't know yet."

Defensive back Marsalis Teague is currently suffering from turf toe. The absence of Teague leaves limited options in a struggling secondary.

Waggner the answer?

After surrendering an Alabama school record 221 yards receiving to Julio Jones, the Vols are looking for answers in the secondary.

Ex-pro baseball player Brent Brewer saw action against Alabama and showed promise. As a result, look for safety Prentiss Waggner to see action at corner against South Carolina.

Jackson Contributing

With limited options at defensive tackle, former defensive end Malik Jackson has slid to the interior of the defensive line. Jackson has now developed into the most consistent of the defensive lineman.

"He is playing better, he really is," said Dooley. "He is a little light being in there, if he was about 305 he would be playing really well, but he is helping the team. He has been the most consistent up front the last few weeks."

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