Thursday Morning Coffee Links

In this edition: 2002 Vol captain Eddie Moore has put himself in a tough positiong going into the draft, plus trouble in Tuscaloosa?

UT narrows AD search:,1406,KNS_298_1842261,00.html

Baseball team gets a win over the Eagles:,1406,KNS_295_1842368,00.html

Eddie risks his NFL career:,1406,KNS_297_1842260,00.html

Banks can't run from an inconsistent arm:

Rebuilding Rocky Top (ESPN story from a few days ago):

Former Georgia player loses battle with cancer:

Who will be playing in the Final Four:

Southern Miss player is forced to adjust to life plans:

Old face, new place:

CFN's top 15 wide receiver prospects:

College football news and notes: /Whispers.htm

Money a topic of discussion in Tuscaloosa ... No:

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