Loften loves Rocky Top

Texas safety Eddrick Loften of Irving, who signed last February with the University of Tennessee, isn't giving up on his dream of becoming a Volunteer, although he wanted it to happen sooner rather than later.

Loften wasn't able to enroll in Knoxville in the fall because he was ruled academically ineligible. He is now retaking his test in hopes of enrolling at Tennessee in January.

"I'm not giving up," Loften told Wednesday night. "I should get my latest test score back tomorrow or by Friday. We are hoping for good news. If not, we have another plan that I will start working on next week."

Loften took his official visit to Tennessee this past weekend and truly enjoyed his Rocky Top experience.

"Man, that was the first time I saw a game at Tennessee. It was incredible!" Loften said. "I loved everything about it. I had a great time and got to know a lot of our current recruits, some of our current commitments and current players."

It's easy to tell by talking to Loften that he is driven and focused on getting to Knoxville.

"I could see myself out there playing against Alabama," Loften said. "Several of the coaches and current players told me that they needed me to suit up. I can't wait to get to Knoxville. It's my future and my best chance for success on the football field."

Loften got a chance to sit in on some position meetings with his future coaching staff and he left very impressed.

"I love all of those guys," Loften said. "They are great coaches. I got a chance to sit down with a lot of them during my visit."

When asked what happens next if he doesn't get the needed score, Loften quickly dismissed the thought of not attending the University of Tennessee.

"At this point I'm not even thinking about junior college or prep school," Loften said. "I'm just focused on figuring out how to get to Tennessee. We have another plan. I will keep working. It's my goal to be wearing Orange and White in the spring."

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