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When will the Vols get their next commitment? We will give you our thoughts in this week's recruiting mailbag. Go "Inside" to get that answer and many more.

I can't find a profile for Lamar Mady. How serious are we with him?

James' Answer: This isn't uncommon. There are always new names to appear when the coaches have an off week and get to go out on the road to evaluate. I have placed a called to his college and working on getting him updated. From what I understand, very interested in him.

Do we currently lead for remaining in-state targets Clear, Richardson, Dunaway, & King? Are they all currently takes if they attempt to commit? What timetable does each appear to be on for committing?

James' Answer: I honestly think we lead for all four of them. Dunaway has grade issues, and I think that could be a hold up there. Same with Richardson, but he is working on a plan to get eligible. Clear could commit anytime but could draw it out as well. It will be interesting to see how things go with King. I still think UT is in good shape there.

Is Sharon Couch Segraves, the new women's track coach, related to Maurice Couch?

James' Answer: I truly doubt it but will check on it.

I have not heard any updates on our first two recruits, Christian Harris (LB) and Andrew Power (TE). How have they performed this season and are they still firm commitments?

James' Answer: I did a story earlier on Christian I will try to get updates on the two in the next couple of weeks.

Pagan has visited twice now, and FL signed another DE. How do you like the Vols situation with Pagan?

James' Answer: While it's definitely a plus to get him back on campus last week, I still think landing Pagan is probably a long shot. Not to say a long shot doesn't come in sometimes.

The Vols are in the top two or so for the following DT's: Gabe Wright, Mickey Johnson, and Maurice Couch. I have two questions based on this info. 1) What are the chances that the Vols sign all three come NSD realistically? and 2) How big would it be for Dooley and staff to accomplish this feat?

James' Answer: I think the chances are very good that they land all three. There seems to be a question on Johnson's grades, if he doesn't make it, I would expect UT to place him somewhere. It would be a big feather in their cap, but I think a lot of people are underestimating the job they are already doing.

Should we expect out next commitment after the Ole Miss game?

James' Answer: I expect I next commitment to come the Thursday before the Ole Miss game if not before.

How many of our targeted recruits will want to wait until NSD to announce?

James' Answer: Maybe a couple of them. Antonio Richardson probably and maybe one or two others.

This staff appears to be doing a better job of finding academically qualified (or, in several cases highly qualified academically) recruits. That being said, who on our list of commits or targets are we worried about making it in for academic reasons?

James' Answer: I really don't see anyone on the commitment list that is a question. This coaching staff has done a great job not taking the commitments if there is a question regarding the grades.

I read a couple weeks back that UT had made up a lot of ground on D.E. RASCO. Is that still the case or did he cool off on UT?

James" Answer: Not sure how much made up here, will do some checking, but I'm probably still thinking long shot here.

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